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Life is not only getting married!

Sebenarnye ni post awal. tapi aku dah meleret pasal tudung sbnrnye cerita asal tergendala. SO ni sambungan cerita pasal pergi kenduri nikah Abg Edy.

Well, today i've went to my cousin's nikah ceremony in Klang...
but we are late. so just got makan2..xsempat tgk the ceremony. tomorrow is their wedding ceremony. so, when i reach there, such really like a big kenduri will be held i think. almost hv 10 khemah. khemah plak, my mum said bkn jenis yg biasa2. and pelamin dier pun, superb. my mum knows how was the expenses it could be coz my sis are going to be married end of this year. so, my mum n my sis is exploring and surveying for the cheapest price 4 the walimah kenduri.

and after i've seen just the khemah n meja2 yg dh siap psg at my cousin's hse..i think married is not cheap. hoho..although last time we've chat over how Islam urge marriage as soon for the muslims r if they able to do so zahir n batin. somehow, now when i look to the realiti, i am agree n understand why men tend to extend to get married. just bcoz of this. kenduri kawin of course plg sempoii almost RM30,000. khemahla, catering, mak andam, tok kadi, dewan, pelamin n sort of..huhu..

so what i can conclude, (this is wht i understand right now) if you are still able to jaga pandangan, n behave urself, to get married can be later. but if u r the one that socialize, or u do have somebody with u, u r urge to get married so that ur not or getting involve to zina. which there lot of type of zina like zina mata and hati not only the main zina still to get married is a good thing, which make ur life more complete. as we usually heard, kawin tu menyempurnakan agama. i've heard one story about somebody tht get married while still studying. the effect from the marriage is, it makes their life more committed towards study and all aspect of life. result makin mantap n sort of. well, that's the pro.
overall, i think, life is not all about being married.( the reason is say like this is becoz this week, i usually talk over this topic T_T. ). I feel, yet still i'm still a muslim, teenager, student, a child to my parent and hv the responsibility towards ummah n society n to the world. so, about the marriage, no need to worry. the time will come. just right now, what we should do, mantapkan diri dgn ilmu. Prepare ourself with knowledge, iman, amal n taqwa. Banyakkan buat ibadat so that ourself will be strong.
Anyway, it's a good topic to be think. At least, open my mind to think ahead. For the future, if u r getting married, it is not love is all bout. if for men, of course have to think about the family economy and if u hv children how it will be n sort of to sustain in life n that is One of the key to be happy in life. so what should we do now, is use all the opportunity tht we hv. and i think, just the same think, for marriage too, PREPARATION is really important. or else maybe you will hurt some other days if lack of preparation. So that's it. SO this is what i thinking right now, and tindakan after this will be to be more focus in my life.Behave myself, be a good gurl. Don't talk to guys unpurposely. Coz, i think, perasaan boleh terbuai bilamana perhubungan antara lelaki tu xjga. so, the more you preserve the more you will not be affected. dlm quran pun dh state terang, lelaki xbleh pndg pempuan yg bkn mahram dier, n pempuan pun same. tp certain case ada y dibolehkan. so, kalau sama2 jaga diri maka xtimbul la perkara pelik2. ^^

So, i feel that right now, life is not only getting married. We have the main duty to be settled down which is as chaliph in this world. Lead this world toward Islam. After married, still u have to continue your life. This is interesting. Just like in what i got input from kakak ummu ~ my usrah's sister.

"Hidup kita ni kadang2 macam robot kan. Belajar, belajar, belajar. LEpas tu nak
keje. Lepas tu kawin, Lepas tu dapat anak, lepas tu, anak kita pun pergi
sekolah, n belajar, masuk universit..Teruskan macam apa yang kita buat..lepastu,
kita pun dah tua, lepas tu tunggu masa nak mati..Macam tu lakitaran
Tapi pernah fikir tak, kenapa kita belajar? Kenapa kita
studi?Hidup kita ni sebenarnya macamana? Kenapa kita ada kat dunia ni? Apa
tujuankita hidup? Kenapa kita diciptakan? Pernah tak kita cuba nak fikir? Atau
hidup kita macam robot..
Bila disetkan menari..menari je keje dia. sampai dia
dah penat menari, lepas tu dia tumbang sebab dah habis bateri. Hidup kita nak
macam tu ke? Macam robot..Yang ikut je tanpa memikirkan..tanpa erti.."

Maka hiduplah dengan beerti!

Abah pun pernah kata,"hidup ni bukan setakat fikir anak bini je..kan dah sebut dalam hadis,

" Tak dikira beriman seseorang antara kamu, selagi mana dia tidak
mengasihi saudaranya seperti mana dia mengasihi dirinya sendiri"

Jdi, kita hidup kena kisah saudara-saudara kita yang lain jugak. Bukan boleh nak fikir keluarga kita je."

So, Right now, just focus toward the responsibility that we have. Towards, parents, family, society ~ummah n the world.

Jaga diri dari perkara-perkara tak elok, jaga kehormatan, kemuliaan n maruah diri. Later on, the right time will come. I believe in that. Just wait till the right time. InsyaAllah. ^_^

p/s: bnyk belanja kenduri kawin ni! Realiti skrg yg xdpt nk lari..=0

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