Isnin, Jun 2

3rd day in USIM

Salam to All.

Well, today i woke up at 6. Take shower and solat subuh. Somehow, i've done solat subuh alone. but then, when i saw Ayuni was not solat yet then i ask her to solat together. After that, siap2 to go. At the moment, i dont know why i cant smile with a happy heart. terasa hati berat. n nak senyum kat orang pun berat. i'm not sure what is really goin on. After i confess to iz yesterday, i thought the thing hv get rid from my mind and no need to feel like that anymore. but it's not.

pagi tu terasa sukar untuk aku mengukir sebuah senyuman yg tulus dari hati. hati bagai sesak. mmg ak xde mood nak senyum kat orang. xde mood nak berborak. xde mood nak buat kawan. juz lyn diri sendiri. i dont really care bout others.

Bertolak dari hostel pukul 8. dah sampai, sarapan dulu. sarapan aku pagi ni total dalam RM3.80. tp bayar 5 ringgit. sbb ntah camne ak tersilap congak. beli ape je!T_T

Sandwich Tuna = RM1.40

Mineral water = RM 0.80

Roti Cream RM 0.60

Fish Ball = RM1

Pas makan, pegi dewan kuliah pusat 1 (DKP1). Sesi pendaftaran fakulti. Before dat, dia amik masa lama r gak. yg kurengnye, ak xbwk buku y best. yg ada buku HEP, buku aktiviti. masa tu lak, mmg ak xde mood. tp dh xwat ape, paksa baca r. smp jadi ngantuk. n ak pun tido. tp bila dh tersedar, tak mula2 lagi. ak tdo balik. nak rs mengantuk, tp sebenarnya, ak tak berapa nak dipaksa2kan gak..sbb tak tau nak wat ape ag..huhu..

The registration just took time almost an hour. Then the everyone can bersurai. No class for today. but fo tomorrow, the class will be at 8. So, today has lot of free time. and i hv used it to seek the internet! Well, i've asked people there. where to get the internet.just cant stand away from internet! Before exit to the main entrance, i've been asked by this one gurl. whether i want to change course or not. If yes, she asked me whether i've completed the appeal's letter. I said to her that i've done nothing. Somehow, she also want to change course. But from law to medic. So, i said to her, if that so, we need to write the letter. So, let's go to the lab. Then, she followed together by her friend. Unfortunately, her friend is friend of mine also. Internet world. Sarah Adibah. hmm...coincidence?? neh...

here the internet is free as it was included in the Univ. fee. Not too bad. just one thing the quality not so good. As, there is no mozilla. So, some pages cant loading perfectly. After blogging at the moment until zohor, i decide to go to the library n want to see the caunselor as i've ask Pn. Rin to meet her today. But somehow, it was raining and i've to change plan by going back to the lab. i'm getting bored. but before my boreness getting worse, the raining had stopped. In the same time. my stomach was starving. So, i went to the cafe to have the lunch.

Taking Nasi with hotdog and sayur taugeh, just almost RM.3.50! quite expensive..T_T..maybe i shud fasting starting from tomorrow. ~_~

Then, finish my lunch, i went to the library. Before that, singgah test pad and mineral water. total is RM.3.60.

at the library i find the book for tomorrow lesson. Microeconomy, Business maths and principle accounts. i just want to get some rough pictuer what will i learn tomorrow. i thought i want to borrow the books. but somehow, i cant do that because i'm still new. and the data was not check in yet.. i hope maybe i can phtostate few pages as notes and can read it tonight . but alsoi cant do that. as i need to buy the photostat card at the ko-op firt. then i can use the photostat machine.

In the meantime, i went to the HEP building and have met the pembantu tadbir. and i've make an appointment to see the caunselor. hehe..i feel like want to see the doctor je. but somehow, ni doc psycho. The reason why, i really need caunselor at this time, it is because i think i really need help in getting the righ mindset. i want to get clear what i want in my life and also, how i want to get clear the reason i am here and the reason why i take the course. i just want to get clear my mind n with full heart. Get the goal clear. What i want to achieve at this time, what i want to be, what is my dream n sort of. these are the few things that i want to consult to the caunselor. few question that always bear in my mind.

So, that's all for today. Tomorrow i have my very first class. Full-day. From 8 until 4. maybe if got time, r day after tomorrow i'll post some more. Somehow, the part 2 wil be continued after this. as there is cesequence from the story.

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Ahmad Saifuddin Amran berkata...

wah budak kecik ni dah masuk kampus la. tahniah tahniah. dah besar sekarang ya.

alam kampus ni gambaran realiti di luar. banyak cabarannya. semoga tabah. jangan pikir nak cari pakwe

everjihad berkata...

hmm...budak kecik skrg mmg dah bleh masuk kampus. adi putra 8 tahun pun skang dah kat unisel. hehe..

hmm..betul! kampus tu gambaran realiti dunia luar. masa mula2, mcm 'culture shock' la jugak. tapi rasanya, kena cuba terima and adapt.

cari pakwe? takde maknanyer...
pakwe cari sy ade la..