Isnin, November 30

Paradise will be

According to Anad ibn Malik, the Prophet said to him, 'O my son, if you can act in such a way that you spend your mornings and your evenings without wishing anyone ill, then that is how you should always act.' Then he added, 'O my son, this is my way. And anyone who loves my ways, loves me. And anyone who loves me will live with me in Paradise.'
(Sahih Muslim)

Ahad, November 29

A join mirror

A believer is a mirror to another believer.
A believer is a brother to another believer.
He saves him from losses.
He safeguards his interests in his absence.

(Hadith of Abu Dawud on the authority of Abu Hurayrah)

Jumaat, November 27

He is not a believer!

The Prophet once exclaimed,
'By God, he is not a believer!'
'By God, he is not a believer!'
'By God, he is not a believer!'

The people asked,
'Ya Rasulullah, who?'

'The man whose excesses prevent his neighbour from living in peace,'replied from the noble Prophet. (Sahih Al-Bukhari on the authority of Abu Hurairay)

Khamis, November 26

Pause! -tomakninah-

Perlunya berhenti sebentar - thomakninah
ST Gallery - Thursday, 26 November 2009

Rabu, November 25

Behave well

A man once went to the Prophet with a grievance against his relatives.'O Messenger of Allah,' he said, 'I have some relatives whom I treat with kindness. Yet they show me no kindness. I treat them well and they treat me badly. I show them forbearance and they treat me with brutality.'

The Prophet replied, 'If you areas you say you are, thet it is as if you have smeared their faces with dust, And you will always have God's help against them so long as you continue to be well-behaved towards them.'

(Hadits of Muslim on the authority of Abu Hurayrah)

Isnin, November 23

Do we know our Lord?

Ama Zilna
I just found this song unintentionally at the You Tube. I really love this song. Instead of having such a very good message, it really sooth my soul. Each words, really mean! Hope you guys love it just like how I love it so much. (but I guess it's not gonna be the same way, right?)
Ama Zilna
Approaching God with our hearts
No fear nor grief for whom He guides
His rope is strong and will never waver
His provision is there for all who are in need

In every place, at every time
Above you is The Glorious Care-taking Lord
In every place, at every time
You have a Lord who loves you and will never forget you

Do we know our Lord?
Do we see our Lord's blessings?
Do we know our Lord?
Do we thank Him?... or have we forgotten..
that His servants... we are

In His Dominion we exist for as long as He wills
And we call upon His bounty through prayer
And seek His favors through hope
For He is our refuge when difficulty strengthens its hold

In every place, at every time
Above you is a Glorious Care-taking Lord
In every place, at every time
You have a Lord who loves and will never forget you

Do we know our Lord?
Do we see our Lord's blessings?
Do we know our Lord?
Do we thank Him?... or have we forgotten..
that His servants... we are

My heart is Allah's
My soul is Allah's
My wealth is Allah's
Here the lyric's in Arabic > link 1
p/s: If you like this song, why not share it with other people? May spreading good words can be considered as sedeqah which part of amal jariah, insya Allah. Jazakumullahu khoyr ^_^

Sabtu, November 21

Don't screw up!

ya Allah..

please and please
please don't screw up.
oh please..

don't screw up.

ya Allah..

i really wanna thank You!!

satu demi satu nikmat anugerah yang Kau beri padaku..

namun belum sempat aku syukuri nikmat-Mu, kau beri dan beri..dan terus memberi..

peluang demi peluang..
jalan demi jalan..
ya Allah..

yang sulit itu kau permudahkan..

nikmat-Mu yang tak terhingga.

namun ibaratnya sudah aku bersyukur dengan sebenar-benarnya?

semakin banyak nikmat yang Kau beri,

nafasku, nyawaku, hatiku, imanku, patut segalanya diabadikan di jalan-Mu.

dunia yang sementara, tak kekal mana.
hati ini yang hanya pinjaman dari-Mu.

nyawa, hati, iman itu modalku untuk bertemu dengan-Mu

apakah hati itu mati atau hati masih bernyawa?

Engkau Maha Mengetahui.
teguhkan hati ini ya Allah.


"ko memang bertuah. so don't screw up!"

oh please...

Why oh why..

buka mata, buka hati.
stop it. stop it!

run. run. run!

sujudlah kamu dalam hati.
sujudkan anggotamu dengan segala erti.. segalanya mesti rabbani.
SEGALANYA harus kerana ILAHI.
duhai hati,
kenapa masih terus menzalimi diri?

duhai hati,
kenapa terus menzalimi rakanmu, sahabatmu dan saudaramu?

kata sahabat,
sayang sahabat, sayang saudaramu,
tunjukkan dia cara mentaati-Nya..

duhai hati,
kenapa mula lupa diri?

zalimnya aku. zalimnya aku!

berapa lama engkau mahu terus menjadi zalim?

umurmu tidak panjang.
dipinjamkan sekejap cuma.
mungkin esok, mungkin hari ni, entah bila-bila seruan boleh datang menjemput

laburkan ia sebaiknya.
untuk bekal di alam yang nyata.


ya Robbi,
la ilaha illa anta subhanaka inni kunti minazzolimin.

ya Robbi,
zolamna anfusana wa inlam taghfirlana wa tarhamna lanakunanna minal khosirin..

jangan ya Allah, Kau palingkan hati ini setelah Engkau beri hidayah pada hati ini.

aku hanyalah hamba yang hina dina..
lemah tanpa rahmat-Mu
yang lemah tidak berdaya
hanya mampu menagih kasih dan inayah-Mu
untuk aku terus mensyukuri segala nikmat
untuk aku terus melakukan taat

moga hati ini terus tsabat.
untuk terus menjunjung panji syariat.

wahai sahabat-sahabatku,
pintaku hanya satu,
doakan diri ini terus kuat.
dan aku mahu terus berusaha berusaha dan berusaha hingga ke akhir hayat.

2:39pm - Sidney Smith Hall.
19 November 2009

Jumaat, November 20

The Meaning of IMAN


A pleasure..
A pleasure to meet muslim community.
Meet brothers and sisters because of Allah. and gain something that I don't ever expected.

MasyaAllah. Subhanallah. Alhamdulillah. All praise to Him.

I got something that really hit my heart at last. the only thing in my mind, when i stepped out my feet, and I choose to step out only one thing, one hope. By this step, I can gain bless from Him.

hey, i still can choose other thing to do, but why still i'm doing it? still the 'other thing' is still can have a bless from Him if the sake doing it for Him.

not here for argue it, but i'm thinking, it seems He is calling me to be closer to Him in other way around.

plus, I'm not thinking much in a way to step out. In my mind, I know I have task that need to be completed. Assignment that need to be done and at the same time, there is like a call for me to go. Between this two good things, how I make a choice? Based on what, I choose to be my step.

And this make me strong and shape myself and mylife with what I believe in. Assignments, study, yes its part of life but still I don't want to make my life so dull which like 'no life'. I know it is important, but there are also other thing that actually more important. but still, I'm not to argue with what I believe as everyone deserve to believe what they want to believe for themselve.

I choose to believe this because this what I want to believe as it make sense to me. In the sense is that to me, 'the worldly thing' will never ending. It will come to you on and on. It will never finish.

Reason for 'busy' can always be yours if you want to. Here, I finally got something mean. It such a precious gift that I couldn't express by word and it's only deep inside that I want He to know, how I feel so thankful to have 'it' as something that it precious and not worth like others.

That is iman. That is islam.

What I'm searching for?
I'm searching for iman, I'm searching for islam, I'm searching for Allah.

What I believe, iman is not come to you by itself without an effort. You need to search for it. Only by doing that, you will get back what you give in. That will be a resulf from mujahadah which means for struggle + preserve.

and today, I have the sense that I learnt something on this earth.

something that I enjoyed doing it,
something that I feel passion in it.

Islam is my passion. which I will not stop searching for it even it needs me to sacrifice my life, my world.

However, don't get it wrong. Islam don't ask you exactly to sacrifice everything. But in term of iman, I believe that you will let go of something(which could also replace the word of sacrifice), to have it.

Today, two things that I learnt about iman and islam.
What I learnt is, iman means to testify and verify everything that comes to you.

iman is not a blind faith. its not only a blind belief but it always keeps you to verify your belief.

for example, how one can believe in Allah? believe that this world has God. How one believe that the Quran is the word of God?

in stead of believe it, in what basis one believe in it?

iman that means testified, is after you testify what you believe in it will become your iman. (i'm not good in trying to explain this but mashaAllah one brother in the session that I attend just now explain it very very well. )

I leave those questions without an answer just to trigger people's mind.

On what basis that you believe in something?

the other thing is about lailaha illah.

the claim that we make, will only be accepted by Him, only if we really mean it . Understand it and fulfull the condition that required.

Syahadah that we claim, need submittance. It is not enough for you just say it but actually you are not believe in it. What makes you believe in it is your iman.

Otherwise, there's nothing that will make any difference in our belief. When you belief in something, it must make a difference from one that doesn't belief in the same thing like you. If you doesn't make any difference, then there's no difference between you and others and if that so, what on earth actually are you believe in if you not submitted to it and really mean it?

Fair enough. I feel like I make some points messed up but hopefully, at least it make sense to me and one that couldn't understand can always feel free to ask me for further explaination.

my action is always related with what I believe in. Because of I believe in it, it makes myself as what I believe in.

I don't want devote myself for this hasty world that yet I know its going to end and I know my life can meet the deadline in anytime. I know there things that required me to do, but I choose the way I want it to be. Believe keeps me always forward in everything. Therefore, I choose to have something that is not temporary.

One of the reason, I am here because I believe it. If not, I'm not going to be here. It can be somewhere else on this Earth. ( but of course there He one that makes me here but still I believe, 'belief' is part of it)

The reason I'm here also because of few reasons. and due to that reasons that drive me in make up my single action and decision even it seems uncommon or undesireable for others. but hey, who cares? Should I think what other people might thinking more for my own life?

Should be no one I want to please.
Yet, belief will always make my day as what I want believe in.

Thank you ya Allah.
Today I found the meaning of iman.

ya Allah. terima kasih kau pertemukan aku malam ini dengan ertinya islam dan iman.

Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah.

Rabu, November 18

Sejauh mana kita redha dengan Allah?

*post ni mungkin agak panjang(tak sedar ‘ter’panjang) tapi, ambillah masa untuk difikir-fikirkan dan diiman-imankan. Hidup bukan selamanya di dunia. Ada alam yang bakal menanti untuk kita tempuhi. Moga hidup kita punya erti untuk dimanifestasi.

dengan satu persoalan yang Allah ilhamkan sesuatu yang menarik untuk difikir, direnung, dihadam dan diterjemahkan bersama.

Betul ke aku anggap ALLAH ni betul-betul Tuhan aku?
Kalau betul, betul ke Dia yang betul-betul aku sembah?
Dengan sebenar-benar sembahan?
Yang memang selama ni setiap hari dok ucap, ngaku takde benda lain yang disembah melainkan Dia. Sembah = tunduk, sujud.

Hari-hari solat, hari-hari mengucap dua kalimah syahadah. Tapi..fikir-fikir balik makna di sebalik dua kalimah tu. Syahadah yang dalam bahasa melayunya bererti persaksian..

“Aku bersaksi bahawa tiada Tuhan yang layak disembah melainkan Allah, aku bersaksi bahawa Nabi Muhammad itu pesuruh Allah”.

Takkan hanya sekadar ucapan di bibir?

Kenapa ada orang sanggup mati hanya sebab kalimah ni?

Pernah je kan kita dengar, kisah sahabat-sahabat nabi yang kena seksa, hanya sebab dia beriman yang Allah je Tuhan yang layak disembah.

Pernah terfikir tak, kenapa orang tu sanggup mati hanya kerana syahadah?

Dan Hanya sebab tu pun(beriman dengan Allah) orang nak seksa? Tak paham betol.

“kenapa ada orang benci sangat dengan islam?”

Kadang-kadang terfikir jugak. Kenapa ya? Ada apa dengan islam? Kenapa agama lain, tak dela pulak ketara orang ‘anti’. Kenapa islam? Kenapa oh kenapa?

Sambil jalan-jalan nak balik rumah tadi, sambil-sambil dengar mp3 ditakdirkan Allah, rasa terketuk dengan satu benda.

Kalau dalam teori add math, mungkin dapat distilahkan, soalan yang sepatutnya itu adalah f(x) = y. tapi, bila soalan tu kita terbalikkan, jadi macam inverse function. walaupun inverse, tapi tetap dia masih ada function dan bagi aku walau soalan tu nampak macam tak berapa betul, tapi sebenarnya itu satu kunci yang membawa kepada fundamental issue. Walaupun dia Nampak songsang, tapi tetap ada signifikan.

Persoalan yang mungkin biasa kita dengar orang biasa lontarkan, mungkin begini bunyinya.

f(x) = Sejauh mana Allah redha dengan kita?

f(x)^(-1)= Sejauh mana kita redha dengan Allah?

buat orang yang mendengar soalan ni, sure ah dia tanye balik.

''macamane tu?" sejauh mana kita redha dengan Allah? sape kita nak kate camtu? layak ke kita nak kata macamtu??

ohh..persoalan bukan terhenti di situ je. ada udangnya. udangnya apa?

sejauh mana kita redha dengan Allah hanyalah satu expression yang memang tak lengkap. jadi, inverse function ni perlu kita selesaikan supaya dia dapat kembali kepada function asal. (dapat tangkap ke idea kiasannya setakat ni? huhu..mesti ade org bising..'pliz stret to the point!' maaf. aku ni kadang-kadang memang jenis berkias. tak dapat lari.)

dan kenapa kena kembali kepada function asal? (ish. mcm banyak tanya pulak)..sebab memang itu asal usul dia dan the core of function untuk terus berfunction. (berkias lagi!)

function might be an archetype as well not only a symbol.(for my own interpretation of ‘function.)

sambung bicara tentang penyelesaian kepada inverse function tadi,

f(x)^(-1)= ?

sejauh mana kita redha dengan Allah?

sejauh mana kita redha Allah sebagai TUHAN kita?

sape dapat jawab?

Tanya diri sendiri.

Adakah kita dah benar-benar redha Allah sebagai Tuhan kita?

atau dalam erti kata lain, dah terima Allah tu lah sembahan kita. yang kita dok mengaku 9 kali sehari(refer to solat 5kali sehari semalam) memang takde benda lain dah, selain Dia yang betul2 kita sembah.

Adakah kita redha Nabi Muhammad tu pesuruh Allah?
Adakah kita dah redha ISLAM agama kita? Cara hidup kita?

soalan ni nampak mcm ape je kan..tapi sebenarnye, sangat2 fundamental.

nak tau sebab ape?

sebab kita hanya dapat nak melangkah ke syurga tu hanya kalau kita dah redha dengan Allah. hanya kalau kita betul-betul SERIUS, dan redha Allah tu Tuhan kita, Nabi Muhammad pesuruh-Nya, ISLAM sebagai agama kita.

selagi kita tak cuba nak faham, syahadah yang 9 kali kita dok ngucap hari-hari tu, selagi tu syahadah tu tak akan bagi kesan pun dalam hidup kita. kalau mcm tu, kate orang, 'takde maknanyer..'. so kalau takde makna, apalah erti segalanya yang kita buat atas dunia, atas muka bumi ni. apalah tujuannya hidup ini? hidup tanpa tujuan ibarat bermain bola tanpa tiang gol. boleh je nak main bola, tapi takde tiang gol kan..tapi fikir-fikirkanlah. apalah ertinyakan? nak bawak bola tu kemana?

sama jugak macam hidup kita. tanpa pengertian dan tujuan hidup, nak bawak hidup kita tu kemana?

setiap antara kita punya jawapan tersendiri, kenapa dia rasa dia mahu teruskan hidup, untuk apa dia hidup, kerana apa dia hidup.

Mungkin ada yang terfikir, alah nak kena fikir ke, enjoy je la hidup. ramai orang berkata "hidup hanya sekali..enjoy la sepuas-puasnya.." tapi tak ramai yang berkata "mati hanya sekali...manfaatkanlah ia sebaik-baiknya.."

Dan dapat aku simpulkan, soal kita redha ALLAH sebagai Tuhan kita, ALLAH sembahan kita, Nabi Muhammad utusan Allah, Islam agama(cara hidup) kita, tu sume hanyalah pembuka langkah kita untuk ke syurga.


sebab kalau betul kita redha dengan Allah, atau dalam erti kata lain, terima Allah tu Tuhan kita, apa maknanya?

Maknanya, kita mestilah dah terima apa-apa aje perintah Allah. Dia nak larang ke, Dia nak suruh ke, Dia nak hukum ke, kita mesti dah terima. sebab kita dah redha Dia Tuhan kita.
we are no more going to question or argue. sebab kita dah mengaku dan terima Dia tu Tuhan kita.

dan segala tindak tanduk akan diterjemah untuk selari dengan kehendak syarak. sebab kita dah faham, dalam hidup tak boleh buat sesuka ati kita sebab kita ada Tuhan. kalau orang takde Tuhan, tak percaya Tuhan, boleh la nak buat apa saja. Tapi kita sepatutnya tak. (kalau kita betul-betul dah mengaku kita ni ada Tuhan dan mengaku yang Tuhan kita tu Tuhan yang sebenar-benarnya dalam hidup kita). Sebab? sebab Allah dah turunkan petunjuk dalam hidup kita sebagai manusia melalui perantaraan Nabi dan Rasul yang bersama-sama mereka kitab Al-Quran untuk diimankan.

pendek kata, kalau kita dah redha dan terima Allah itu Tuhan kita, apa-apa pun nanti yang akan dibuat, penilaiannya akan berbalik kepada keredhaan-Nya. mungkin kadang2 nampak macam 'skema' or cliché, kadang2 orang cakap 'nak cari redha Allah'. tapi sebenarnya itulah hakikat segalanya.

kenapa nak cari redha Allah?
jawapan mudah, nak masuk syurga Allah.
sebab boleh masuk syurga, hanya pada satu tiket, iaitu REDHA ALLAH. kalau takde tiket ni, takde tiket lain yang boleh ganti.

kenapa nak masuk syurga? *
habis tu takkan nak masuk neraka kot?

sebab kita BERIMAN dengan adanya syurga neraka. Kita yakin adanya hari akhirat, hari pembalasan, hari penghakiman. (kalau orang yang tak percaya dan tak beriman tu belakang cerita la ye).kita yakin ada azab kubur, ada azab neraka. sampai masa, satu masa nanti kita sume PASTI akan mati. Takde manusia yang takkan mati-mati. Untuk mendapat panggilan malaikat yang menjemput ke syurga, kuncinya terletak pada HATI.

“Wahai jiwa yang tenang! Kembalilah kepada Tuhanmu dengan hati yang redha dan diredhai-Nya. Maka masuklah ke dalam golongan hamba-hamba-Ku, dan masuklah ke dalam syurga-Ku”

pendek cerita, sifirnya mudah.

Kalau kita nak Allah bagi kita benda yang terbaik, kita pun mesti bagi benda yang terbaik untuk Allah. Baru adil kan?

kalau kita nak Allah redha dengan kita (sebagai hamba), kita dulu mesti kena redha dengan Allah(sebagai TUHAN kita).

logiknya, memang terang lagikan bersuluh. Allah hanya redha untuk orang yang redha Dia as Tuhan, untuk berada dalam mahligai syurga Dia

make sense x?

Ada 2 surah yang berkaitan pasal benda ni. Sangat terkesan.

Surah Al-Lail
Demi malam apabila ia menyelubungi segala-galanya (dengan gelap-gelitanya),
Dan siang apabila ia lahir terang-benderang;
Demi Yang menciptakan (makhluk-makhlukNya) lelaki dan perempuan, (jantan dan betina); -
Sesungguhnya amal usaha kamu adalah berbagai-bagai keadaannya.
Jelasnya: adapun orang yang memberikan apa yang ada padanya ke jalan kebaikan dan bertaqwa (mengerjakan suruhan Allah dan meninggalkan segala laranganNya), -
Serta ia mengakui dengan yakin akan perkara yang baik,
Maka sesungguhnya Kami akan memberikannya kemudahan untuk mendapat kesenangan (Syurga).
Sebaliknya: orang yang bakhil (daripada berbuat kebajikan) dan merasa cukup dengan kekayaan dan kemewahannya, -
Serta ia mendustakan perkara yang baik,
Maka sesungguhnya Kami akan memberikannya kemudahan untuk mendapat kesusahan dan kesengsaraan;
Dan apakah pertolongan yang dapat diberi kepadanya oleh hartanya apabiha ia telah terjerumus (ke dalam azab seksa hari akhirat)?
Sesungguhnya tanggungan Kamilah memberi hidayah petunjuk (tentang yang benar dan yang salah).
Dan sesungguhnya Kamilah yang menguasai hari akhirat dan alam dunia.
Maka (serentak dengan memberi hidayah petunjuk) Aku juga telah memberi amaran mengingatkan kamu akan api neraka yang marak menjulang,
Yang tidak akan menderita bakarannya melainkan orang yang sungguh celaka, -
Yang telah mendustakan (kebenaran) dan berpaling ingkar.
Dan (sebaliknya) akan dijauhkan (azab neraka) itu daripada orang yang sungguh bertaqwa, -
Yang mendermakan hartanya dengan tujuan membersihkan dirinya dan hartabendanya,
Sedang ia tidak menanggung budi sesiapapun, yang patut di balas,
Hanyalah mengharapkan keredaan Tuhannya Yang Maha Tinggi;
Dan demi sesungguhnya, ia tetap akan berpuas hati (pada hari akhirat, dengan mendapat segala yang diharapkannya).

Surah Al-Fajr dari ayat 22.
Dan (perintah) Tuhanmu pun datang, sedang malaikat berbaris-baris (siap sedia menjalankan perintah),
Serta diperlihatkan neraka Jahannam pada hari itu, (maka) pada saat itu manusia akan ingat (hendak berlaku baik), dan bagaimana ingatan itu akan berguna lagi kepadanya?
Ia akan berkata: "Alangkah baiknya kalau aku dahulu sediakan amal-amal baik untuk hidupku (di sini)!"
Maka pada hari itu tiada sesiapapun yang dapat menyeksa seperti azab (yang ditimpakan oleh) Allah.
Dan tiada sesiapapun yang dapat mengikat serta membelenggu seperti ikatan dan belengguNya.
(Setelah menerangkan akibat orang-orang yang tidak menghiraukan akhirat, Tuhan menyatakan bahawa orang-orang yang beriman dan beramal soleh akan disambut dengan kata-kata): "Wahai orang yang mempunyai jiwa yang sentiasa tenang tetap dengan kepercayaan dan bawaan baiknya! -
"Kembalilah kepada Tuhanmu dengan keadaan engkau redha lagi diredhai (di sisi Tuhanmu) ! -
"Serta masuklah engkau dalam kumpulan hamba-hambaku yang berbahagia -
"Dan masuklah ke dalam SyurgaKu! "

andai ada mana-mana cacat cela, kelemahan dan kekurangan, sebarang tambahan mahupun kritikan amat-amat dialu-alukan.

Teringat kata-kata sorang ni,
“sama ada kamu berkerja bersungguh-sungguh atau sambil lewa utk ke neraka,neraka ni sudahpun berada dalam genggaman kamu..tetapi kalau kamu tidak berkerja BERSUNGGUH-SUNGGUH(serius) utk ke syurga,kemungkinan besar mmg kamu tak akan dapat memasuki syurga.. fikir-fikirkanlah..”

moga-moga secebis perkongsian peringatan ni dapat mencetus iman dan membuahkan amal untuk sama-sama dapat menterjemahkannya dalam kehidupan seharian. bersama-sama berusaha untuk melangkah ke syurga. Dengan langkah pertama, mulakan segalanya dari hati yang suci untuk mencari keredhaan Ilahi.

Sape2 yg nak faham lebih terperinci ayat-ayat surah al-lail dengan al-fajr, (sebabnya ayat quran ni best lagi kalau dapat faham by go in-depth to the interpretation which is tafsir.)boleh pergi sini.

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Selasa, November 17

^X% input = ^X% output

'I'm done!'. That was an expression and the feeling. Alhamdulillah. My first mid-term test is over. Now focus on essay for Islamic World. Syukur, my doa is makbul.(doa about what? sirr. ^_^) Hopefully, I can make it in time. Ya Allah.. focus!

For almost one whole days and nights focus studying for the very first mid-term test here. my first exam as university student! (is there any difference?) well, the feel studying for exam just hit me. but trying my best to taste the knowledge. and here, way i want to appreciate my knowledge in economic that I knew so far even it is not tested in test.

I wanna apply the economy concept that I learned in islamic perspective. Walking along the street, an ilham hit my mind. The intention of the ustaz that wanna teach arabic for free struck my heart. the other thing also came to my mind. either to settle my work or go to the interfaith discussion. I knew, my part never settled and I'm thinking what if I die in anytime, what going to happen. another point is, what if by being there, who knows that someone's heart is opened to get hidayah. and if let say I didn't go, perhaps I might missed the great opportunity. Other than feel it is a great opportunity and kind of feel obligated, yeah..there always have the opportunity cost!

opportunity cost ~ something to let go.

and thinking of the effort of the ustaz sharing his knowledge of arabic, make a class..i'm thinking to have for my own. the idea is maybe i can 'mengislamkan' or 'mengfikrahkan' the economic knowledge and the concepts..

by the way, have an idea to when I have some free time, to make a video and share the knowledge like eco105 for example, and share it with people one of the way that I can appreciate this knowledge. and why not share the knowledge of Allah to people freely and .also for day..inshaAllah!

in solving the economy question, we are going to choose and compare the comparative advantage in trading.

talking about trade, ya!

we are trading with Him. remember? oh..
this how I can manifest the knowledge of economic that I learnt. how sweet it is.

trade. yup. a trade that will never lose. and always gain and gain.

O ye who believe! Shall I lead you to a bargain that will save you from a grievous Penalty?- 10:61

I learnt about international trade.

Trade is always good.

I learnt about millenium goals.
The main goals is to reduce production.

other things that can I relate to Islam in economy concept, about PRODUCTIVITY and input output.

based on krugman, the economist, said, labour productivity is almost everything in the long run to generate economic growth.

given example solow's model.

Y = aL + bK + TFP

this equation I want to transformed it into a concept of amal taqwa.

Y = output.

output = amal.

to make it simple.

increase in input will increase the output.

therfore, if we could increase the iman(as input), it will increase/ improve our behaviour(attitude, akhlak) greatly.

should be, the more input is gained, the more output is produced.

in real life, and also in the economy situation, there also condition like increasing returns to scale and decreasing marginal productivity.

Oh..i think, i'm the only one that understand my writing here. maybe only one that 'infected' and interested can get my point.

it's ok. He knows what I'm talking about.

technological change affect the labour productivity . and that also included in total factor productivity.

Why is it important to be productive?

I'm thinking if the input of muslim is high, surely they can be a great muslim(output) and reach something beyond their real age.

the key is, PRODUCTIVITY.

thinking of this. make me reflect, How can I become more productive?

I asked my friend, she answered without any of economy concept even she is economy student..hehe..

i can tranform the concept in economy to alter her answer.

well, basically she said,

- we need SPIRIT.

I asked, where can spirit come?

by exploring..get the spirit ~ mengembara..

other than that,
-remember death
-mixed with solihin
- istighfar a lot
- make a du'a and prayer always

yeah. basically in term of ideas and concept, those are the TECHNOLOGY that we have.
Technology that can make a CHANGE, and make us PRODUCTIVE.

Krugman said, only by increasing labour productivity, will increase standard of living.

In my mind, if we can increase the muslim productivity, of course we can improve the ummah.

In order to do that, and in term of dakwah, myself must start being productive. Work the best and productively and get people same to be more productive as that the only way to improve ummah.


productivity, productivity and productivity.


high input can increase output!

haza sirr. wallahu'alam.

Ahad, November 15

Jangan biar aku terus tertidur!

manhaj islam mampu untuk terus utuh.

kalau semua orang iman, turun ayat terus beramal,tak perlu pun polis-polis nak saman-saman.

within 100 years, tamadun dah hancur.
like infrastucture of bangunan, mana lebih baik, buat satu bulan boleh tahan hanya setahun je atau buat lama, 5 bulan boleh tahan untuk 500 tahun?

nak buat bangunan tu guna simen apa? simen kesultanan, simen demonkrasi?

gunalah simen islam untuk membina sebuah bangunan yang boleh bertahan sepanjang zaman.


apakah aku patut membiarkan yang tidur itu terus tidur? atau lekas bangunkan dia untuk dia kembali 'hidup? atau biarkan dia 'mematikan' dirinya..?


saatnya aku sendiri lemah kerana aku jua masih belum penuh sedar.

kamu mempengaruhi hidupku, atau aku mempengaruhi hidupmu?
hanya dua antara itu.

sibuk. apa yang aku sibuk? pekara lagho masih lagi berjalan. saatnya patut aku bekerja keras. masa makin menghimpit. semakin dihimpit, semakin itu nafsu ibarat memberontak.

sedar tak sedar, aku 'hanyut' dalam 'sedar'.

ujian satu persatu.

kena selalu selalu renew niat, renew matlamat, renew semangat. cepat betol dia expired!

kat mana la nak renew niat ni ye? kaunter tutup.. kaunter bukak.

terima kasih semut api. sudi tiupkan kembali semangatku.

ya Allah.
berapa kali sudah aku mendegar, kalam-kalam hikmah mu. kalam haq mu. namun sebanyak manalah aku hamburkan nya semula kepada hamba-hambaMu yang lain? manfaatnya hanya kuseorang. yang lain?

banyak menerima. tapi takpula memberi kembali..

dan saatnya semua akan kembali dihitung. hidayah yang kau beri ini, akan kembali dipersoalkan. kemana aku bawa hidayah-Mu untuk membawa manusia mengenal TUHAN? membawa manusia hanya hamba Tuhan. bukan hamba dunia, bukan hamba nafsu.

dan berapa kali sudah aku dengar, iman bertambah dan berkurang. berkurang bila buat maksiat.

dan aku masih bermaksiat kepada-Nya.masih melakukan, again and again.

stop it!
tranform NOW!

sekadar suatu luahan diri yang kian parah.