Jumaat, November 20

The Meaning of IMAN


A pleasure..
A pleasure to meet muslim community.
Meet brothers and sisters because of Allah. and gain something that I don't ever expected.

MasyaAllah. Subhanallah. Alhamdulillah. All praise to Him.

I got something that really hit my heart at last. the only thing in my mind, when i stepped out my feet, and I choose to step out only one thing, one hope. By this step, I can gain bless from Him.

hey, i still can choose other thing to do, but why still i'm doing it? still the 'other thing' is still can have a bless from Him if the sake doing it for Him.

not here for argue it, but i'm thinking, it seems He is calling me to be closer to Him in other way around.

plus, I'm not thinking much in a way to step out. In my mind, I know I have task that need to be completed. Assignment that need to be done and at the same time, there is like a call for me to go. Between this two good things, how I make a choice? Based on what, I choose to be my step.

And this make me strong and shape myself and mylife with what I believe in. Assignments, study, yes its part of life but still I don't want to make my life so dull which like 'no life'. I know it is important, but there are also other thing that actually more important. but still, I'm not to argue with what I believe as everyone deserve to believe what they want to believe for themselve.

I choose to believe this because this what I want to believe as it make sense to me. In the sense is that to me, 'the worldly thing' will never ending. It will come to you on and on. It will never finish.

Reason for 'busy' can always be yours if you want to. Here, I finally got something mean. It such a precious gift that I couldn't express by word and it's only deep inside that I want He to know, how I feel so thankful to have 'it' as something that it precious and not worth like others.

That is iman. That is islam.

What I'm searching for?
I'm searching for iman, I'm searching for islam, I'm searching for Allah.

What I believe, iman is not come to you by itself without an effort. You need to search for it. Only by doing that, you will get back what you give in. That will be a resulf from mujahadah which means for struggle + preserve.

and today, I have the sense that I learnt something on this earth.

something that I enjoyed doing it,
something that I feel passion in it.

Islam is my passion. which I will not stop searching for it even it needs me to sacrifice my life, my world.

However, don't get it wrong. Islam don't ask you exactly to sacrifice everything. But in term of iman, I believe that you will let go of something(which could also replace the word of sacrifice), to have it.

Today, two things that I learnt about iman and islam.
What I learnt is, iman means to testify and verify everything that comes to you.

iman is not a blind faith. its not only a blind belief but it always keeps you to verify your belief.

for example, how one can believe in Allah? believe that this world has God. How one believe that the Quran is the word of God?

in stead of believe it, in what basis one believe in it?

iman that means testified, is after you testify what you believe in it will become your iman. (i'm not good in trying to explain this but mashaAllah one brother in the session that I attend just now explain it very very well. )

I leave those questions without an answer just to trigger people's mind.

On what basis that you believe in something?

the other thing is about lailaha illah.

the claim that we make, will only be accepted by Him, only if we really mean it . Understand it and fulfull the condition that required.

Syahadah that we claim, need submittance. It is not enough for you just say it but actually you are not believe in it. What makes you believe in it is your iman.

Otherwise, there's nothing that will make any difference in our belief. When you belief in something, it must make a difference from one that doesn't belief in the same thing like you. If you doesn't make any difference, then there's no difference between you and others and if that so, what on earth actually are you believe in if you not submitted to it and really mean it?

Fair enough. I feel like I make some points messed up but hopefully, at least it make sense to me and one that couldn't understand can always feel free to ask me for further explaination.

my action is always related with what I believe in. Because of I believe in it, it makes myself as what I believe in.

I don't want devote myself for this hasty world that yet I know its going to end and I know my life can meet the deadline in anytime. I know there things that required me to do, but I choose the way I want it to be. Believe keeps me always forward in everything. Therefore, I choose to have something that is not temporary.

One of the reason, I am here because I believe it. If not, I'm not going to be here. It can be somewhere else on this Earth. ( but of course there He one that makes me here but still I believe, 'belief' is part of it)

The reason I'm here also because of few reasons. and due to that reasons that drive me in make up my single action and decision even it seems uncommon or undesireable for others. but hey, who cares? Should I think what other people might thinking more for my own life?

Should be no one I want to please.
Yet, belief will always make my day as what I want believe in.

Thank you ya Allah.
Today I found the meaning of iman.

ya Allah. terima kasih kau pertemukan aku malam ini dengan ertinya islam dan iman.

Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah.

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Awanama berkata...

salam ya ukhti...
good for you for having the chance to go in depth, searching for the most precious gift called iman...alhamdulillah...now,the responsibility is yours to deliver the message of iman and islam to the people around you especially to those whose knowledge about Islam is zero and even some have misunderstanding about our religion...haiyya najtahidu fil jihad!!! hopefully you can do your preaching well in Canada...is usrah going well there? I really hope that I can join the da'wah team there...Insya-Allah=P ~from zara~

everjihad berkata...


before deliver the message of iman and islam to other people, i need to apply it in myself.

true. it's really a big responsibility.

i love my friend's saying; implement iman and islam in urself, later, people will be infected..

but it is true. we also need to work on spreading the knowledge about iman and islam.

usrah is good. hopefully it's going well.

sure you can join da'wah here.(if you going to come here)..

nice to meet you, ukhti zara.

May Allah bless us.

Ukhuwah fillah.