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^X% input = ^X% output

'I'm done!'. That was an expression and the feeling. Alhamdulillah. My first mid-term test is over. Now focus on essay for Islamic World. Syukur, my doa is makbul.(doa about what? sirr. ^_^) Hopefully, I can make it in time. Ya Allah.. focus!

For almost one whole days and nights focus studying for the very first mid-term test here. my first exam as university student! (is there any difference?) well, the feel studying for exam just hit me. but trying my best to taste the knowledge. and here, way i want to appreciate my knowledge in economic that I knew so far even it is not tested in test.

I wanna apply the economy concept that I learned in islamic perspective. Walking along the street, an ilham hit my mind. The intention of the ustaz that wanna teach arabic for free struck my heart. the other thing also came to my mind. either to settle my work or go to the interfaith discussion. I knew, my part never settled and I'm thinking what if I die in anytime, what going to happen. another point is, what if by being there, who knows that someone's heart is opened to get hidayah. and if let say I didn't go, perhaps I might missed the great opportunity. Other than feel it is a great opportunity and kind of feel obligated, yeah..there always have the opportunity cost!

opportunity cost ~ something to let go.

and thinking of the effort of the ustaz sharing his knowledge of arabic, make a class..i'm thinking to have for my own. the idea is maybe i can 'mengislamkan' or 'mengfikrahkan' the economic knowledge and the concepts..

by the way, have an idea to when I have some free time, to make a video and share the knowledge like eco105 for example, and share it with people one of the way that I can appreciate this knowledge. and why not share the knowledge of Allah to people freely and .also for day..inshaAllah!

in solving the economy question, we are going to choose and compare the comparative advantage in trading.

talking about trade, ya!

we are trading with Him. remember? oh..
this how I can manifest the knowledge of economic that I learnt. how sweet it is.

trade. yup. a trade that will never lose. and always gain and gain.

O ye who believe! Shall I lead you to a bargain that will save you from a grievous Penalty?- 10:61

I learnt about international trade.

Trade is always good.

I learnt about millenium goals.
The main goals is to reduce production.

other things that can I relate to Islam in economy concept, about PRODUCTIVITY and input output.

based on krugman, the economist, said, labour productivity is almost everything in the long run to generate economic growth.

given example solow's model.

Y = aL + bK + TFP

this equation I want to transformed it into a concept of amal taqwa.

Y = output.

output = amal.

to make it simple.

increase in input will increase the output.

therfore, if we could increase the iman(as input), it will increase/ improve our behaviour(attitude, akhlak) greatly.

should be, the more input is gained, the more output is produced.

in real life, and also in the economy situation, there also condition like increasing returns to scale and decreasing marginal productivity.

Oh..i think, i'm the only one that understand my writing here. maybe only one that 'infected' and interested can get my point.

it's ok. He knows what I'm talking about.

technological change affect the labour productivity . and that also included in total factor productivity.

Why is it important to be productive?

I'm thinking if the input of muslim is high, surely they can be a great muslim(output) and reach something beyond their real age.

the key is, PRODUCTIVITY.

thinking of this. make me reflect, How can I become more productive?

I asked my friend, she answered without any of economy concept even she is economy student..hehe..

i can tranform the concept in economy to alter her answer.

well, basically she said,

- we need SPIRIT.

I asked, where can spirit come?

by exploring..get the spirit ~ mengembara..

other than that,
-remember death
-mixed with solihin
- istighfar a lot
- make a du'a and prayer always

yeah. basically in term of ideas and concept, those are the TECHNOLOGY that we have.
Technology that can make a CHANGE, and make us PRODUCTIVE.

Krugman said, only by increasing labour productivity, will increase standard of living.

In my mind, if we can increase the muslim productivity, of course we can improve the ummah.

In order to do that, and in term of dakwah, myself must start being productive. Work the best and productively and get people same to be more productive as that the only way to improve ummah.


productivity, productivity and productivity.


high input can increase output!

haza sirr. wallahu'alam.

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