Rabu, September 24

change my world!

A step closer to change my WORLD! yeah..

if I wanna make change, I have to change first.

The only reason I do this, because i wanna make a move. i wanna make a change.

Change ourself, the world will be better.
Fill this world with good people.
Fill this world with good manner.
Don't let the evil fill those part.
It should us that make a move.

You have the power,
you can make a change
by changing yourself
from bad to good

No matter how good you are
there are still lot of room of improvement

I'm not perfect though
but i'm just a human
that want a meaningful life
I want a life that have a meaning to me

What all this change means to me?
It means a lot
But it dont mean to others
Y should i care others then?
I dont know.
I'm trapped of this harsh world..

My life will not be responsible by them isn't it?

It's lot of enthusiasm in me to continue this journey

I want to reserve my faith
I want to reserve my beauty

Supposed to be inner beauty
I want to be different.
I want to make different
My life should be different from others..

It is just me that lie an to tie up my mind..

No matter what, it's all begin in mind

TO conquer this world,
is not to conquer with weapon and war
to conquer this world
is to conqure yourself
your lust
have faith and power
It is all in what we believe in..
Either you want to believe it or not

~my minds..just flowing non-stop..dunno what am i babbling...laju je jari menari without really thinking..di papan kekunci nih..hoho~

2008 September 19 09:47

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