Jumaat, September 5

Religion Civilise the People!

Civilisation from the thought of mine, is not only from the state of mind. Intelectual, intergrity but it needs to be from the soul.

Religion, belief can civilise the people. y?because when you belief on somethingwhen you belief there is a day here afteryou belief if you r doin evil, you will be judgedalthough not here, but after you dead you will be punished in hellwill you still doin evil?yup. it's right.

You have the choice.you choose either you want to believe it or not.there is a day here afterthere is a day of Judgement with no single human will goin to be missed with what they've donethe day that God will judge fairly.not like the court on this eart which is full of corruption
you can choose what you want to believeyou can choose to believe it or notbut remember, one day you will be asked with what you believe
you can choose to do whatever you want.including to do and to make evilbut remember one day, you are goin to be punished with what u've done

there is no single thing in this world that will not get the 'reward'. simple as principle " what you give, you will get back".
either in any aspect of life.

I can say that religion civilise the people , because religion teach us to be afraid of God. this will prevent us from doin evil even more..

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