Ahad, September 28


Why I don't post for a very long time.

** I have two choices, to post or not to post. I choose the latter.
** There are always choices in life. When you come into a "road not taken" , you always have to make a decision.
** How can we decide to be succeeded? I want to succeed but I didn't get. Check your choice given.
** Before this, you have been given time, you choose to play or to study?
** You have been given 24 hours, you choose to over study until you stress or you take enough sleep?
** Then, when you always have the time to reflect, think about your failure, you choose to just regret or you make a turning point??
** There are always choices in life, you choose to take benefit on this post until the end, or you choose to ignore -- or half-ignore -- or read without application???

-Anas Ahmad Faris

Citation : www.paradoxanas.blogspot.com

Yeah. Choice. Good reminder! It is good to remind me, either you want to choose to posting, talking crap in blog after this, let your heart free to express EVERYTHING, or you choose to do work that you supposed to do and related to your goal? You have so many dreams, Qur! But yet you still a dreamer, and dreaming only is not enough. You better be strict to yourselve, DISCIPLINE. You need to work on it. Stop bloggin for nonsense it won't change the world. REality out there is more that this. To change the world, you need to change yourself. So many times to remind. But the thing is, to change yourself need motivation.Motivation makes us MOVE.

Everything we do, we have MOTIVE.. To change the world, we need knowledge. Knowledge is power. WHere to get knowledge? How? Knowledge need our time! and my time lately spend more to things that not so so mportant. Should be more organize. how could i get knowledge if i still wandering here and there..

Tetapkan prioriti.
learn to say NO!

Ya ya ya..
Again you choose your life.
Choose which one is your PRIORITY.
You know better

~ Take Charge~

Keep coming. Oppent to comment.

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