Jumaat, September 26

Why should I be afraid?

Oh man..finally i've found his blog. !The one that I feel most challenging for me. Yet, really2 a challenge on me..

I found his blog at Valerie's blog..

I've go through some of his post. One of the post, he 'boom' me..

criticize on me badly..

he said i am extremist though!

arghh..who cares..maybe what he said is right.but i just hate when it comes I can't explain very well. He such a challenge. But do i need to argue with things that I dont see it will give a better world. I don't know. He know more than me. His English more powerful by me. By mean, I am suck with English. That's I know. Yet, what he said, i know one of the word is a harsh word well if he mocking on me, perhaps i dont realize it because I don't understand what the heck he is talking about.

but what if, I can give good explaination, and at least give STRONG arguement. I just hate, to be the one that looks like dumb. I don't care if he can't accept I know he will hard to accept and argue more and more. I don't really know what type of person he was. Seems from his blog, I can get some picture of him. Hmm..once, i ever pray for him. I put him in my doa. I hope he will got Hidayah. He such a critical in thinking. If he get the taufiq, I think he can change the world. But i can't accept human just use their LOGIC thinking, to reason something. In some degree, everything in this live need reason, but you can't dig the reason until the very deep beneath one. Your minds are not beyond it.

Actually, it's being a month I don't open the thread. I know he will reply for my last comment. I just afraid that I can't answer if he question me more. I afraid I will spent so much time on him, worry what and how to answer, and somehow, I afraid I can't answer him very well. Am I coward? Yeah. I think a bit perhaps in some angle. But after this, I will try to take a look what had happen. After a month I keep silent. Yet, in his blog, SILENT IS A STUPID VIRTUE. Oh...'bang' on me again..it's harsh but I need to accept it. I can't stay longer like this. This world need to be justified. By all means, human in this world getting more ridiculous.

All need reason and prove. I agree with that. TO give those reason to question that hard to give reason, you need to understand. If I am talking to people that not understand it's hard. Vice versa.

It's really challenging. I don't really like to argue. Although I am a debater before. But to argue well, in certain thing I need in-depth knowledge, But i dont have that for now.

By all means, i think, i just need to argue well, make it clear, and don't be afraid. Be fair. and Stand firm with what I believe. Why should I AFRAID of if I know I reveal the TRUTH? What
should I be afraid of? Hmm..maybe it just what in myself. Saya tak takut nak berkata benda yang benar, tapi saya takut cara saya menyampaikan perkara yang benar tu, membuatkan benda yang benar tu tak tersampai.

It is hard isn't it?

But how I say, should be more cautious. MOre careful. I don't want to make mistake that makes me stupid. If i do make mistake, I should learn. But i dont care, if i'm on the right track, and i know i reveal the truth and if he feel the 'truth' is such a stupid thing, that he can't accept by his LOGIC and reasoning, I won't care.

It is just, for the time being, I hope in every thing I said, it can bring to good thing. By All means. I don't know, maybe it should come from heart. Sincere heart. hmm...i don't know how. I am trying to learn and develop more. Gain knowledge so that i have stuff to stand for. Not just cakap atas angin. The only thing i lack for now is KNOWLEDGE..Oh..how bad i feel sometimes. Really bad.

Allah Please Help ME.
The only way to speak more about islam and deliver well to them
is by having GOOD COMMAND in ENGLISH!

I need to practice at least writing something from now, DAILY! To improve my language,

and some more, why should I be afraid? Come on. Tell him what in your mind. Be BRAVE to tell him what you believe but just dont ask him or dont ask people to accept it though.

THis is now what I learnt. Every people have DIFFERENT PERCEPTION, DIFFERENT UNDERSTANDING, DIFFERENT POINT OF VIEWS. I just need to accept it. But I will not agree and accept with other people who not agree with me. I accept the person but I don't accept his/ her idea. Fair enoughh. My belief won't change. It's not to win for over the arguement. It is just to show how the truth is true.

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Junaid al-Malizi berkata...


good spirit, keep it up, try to master as many languages as u can so that u can explain the truth about Islam to the world. The 'one' who called u extremist maybe some kind of narrow-minded wretch who never use his poor mind wisely..relinquish his mind to the west media to be brainwashed by them I reckon..

sorry for the too-emotional comment

everjihad berkata...

HE .. i don't know. I don't want to judge him more though. What can I say, I just pity to him PITY,and GLAD, because not everbody is LUCKY.

maybe Allah not give hidayah to him yet, but to us.
I am lucky , as I grow, at least i got the tarbiyah. But how bout him? Pity to him. Maybe he is surrounded with those liberal thinking. Never ever, learn how or what the islam teach. and maybe because of the lack tarbiyah from parents perhaps make his mind wilder. Some sort of west thinkig that don't ever feel fear to GOD.

I dont want to make a wrong judgement. YEt, i just want to have pity to him. I hope Allah will give him taufiq just like how i get.

Hope Allah open his eyes and see how beautiful the islam is. Instead of he feel really trapped with those islamic value perhaps maybe one day in his life, he will feel the 'emptiness' .
I know that type of person looks like impossible to accept. Just look how he think and how he live. But i believe that human can change.

Perhaps maybe one day he change. and find this life is just nothing.

I don't know. I feel better to feel this way rather than feel in other way. To feel pity, make me feel to be responsible. I have the responsibility to make a clear picture to him how the islam is grace and sort of. i have the responsibility to share my understanding about islam to him. Yet he just don't understand therfore he talks crap.

But to bring him the clear picture doesnt mean i want him to accept. up to him then but in time i want to deliver it, it just need in-depth knowledge that i should be more careful.

Love as brother and sister in islam should be like how we love ourselve. i think i've different way of thinking in the meantime. few thing change me how i perceive people.

To be understood, we need to understand first. therefore, i am trying to understand him, understand how he think, what makes him think like that, and understand how is people surround me. I feel that it is essential so that, people could perceive us if not there will hv lot of resistance.

I think that what i should do, and i realize my mistake before this.

he just don't know perhaps.
maybe if he know he don't really UNDERSTAND.
i don't want to judge him wrong, but just he maybe tersesat. so i need to guide him to the right way.
before, i feel like he is my 'enemy'. but now, i think i shouldn't feel that way.

lets full this life and the entire world with love and peace.

Islam. Salam. lets spread peace by LOVE ^^

*maybe y not, u can go to his blog and try to explain the truth.
together we work for our love to islam we should let our brothers all astray ever.

do we want to enter the heaven alone? brings the people together. together hand in hand.

Have faith make us safe.

everjihad berkata...

** miss a word.

we shouldn't let our brothers astray ever

Awanama berkata...

First of all, take the effort to master your English language before you actually start writing entries for public view. With entries like these, you're bound to be laughed, in other words, you just look freaking dumb, to be honest. Don't misinterpret your so-called Holy Book and try to preach in public when people around you are just gonna see you as another insane person in an educational institution.
Don't say something you do not have, for example you giving strong arguments even though you don't have a good command of the language. To begin with, how can you support your own opinion when you can't even put them in the right words?

everjihad berkata...

To anony,
thank you for the comment. I aprreciate it very much. I am touched with those word. Well, that is true. Honestly, i am a type of person that are afraid to be criticize but I do need it to be better. So, i really appreciate your voice.

Somehow, I do feel ashamed sometimes, to talk in English, as my language is just no good as others. It is just like when in JPA meeting,most of the student who asking question in English,while me, I just speak in Malays as the speaker also speaks Malay fully. At that time, I feel that, it is better not to look like a fool, speaking with bad English when I have the choice not to speak.
Sometimes it makes me think twice, whether I should say or not, Sometimes it could be inferrior complex in me. Sometimes, I feel that, I am not ashamed of the truth that I want to reveal, but I am ashamed of myself, that i scared if I said it it will be misinterpret by others.

There are two things here, to be afraid to speak up and to feel ashamed to speak. (ashamed of myself not the things that i'm goin to say).

To counter, the fear i need braveness. But in the same time, it is a shameful if things just not in the right one. and more shame when people is laughing to me because of myself. You are right, how could i support my own stand, arguement and opinion if i cant put it in the right word?

Well, I admit that, my biggest problem is grammar and structure. For grammar , I know I am bad as most of the JPA and MARA scholars's score I am one of the bottom one. I know i should learn more, and put more effort on it. Thats all i could and need to do for now.

Thanks again for the 'kritikan membina'. It reminds me how bad am I and the reality is, but in a way need to work more on it. I really appreciate it for my own good and especially in a way for me to preach and talk about Islam more to others.

Do correct me if i am wrong next time.

Qullul haq walau kana murrun.
Berkatalah benar walaupun pahit.

Syukran jiddan.