Jumaat, September 26

It could be a good thing..

I think i start to like him, maybe. Well, i've discovered, he is totally different with me. Just look at his political side. Completely different with me like south and north. I thought he is liberal with some sort of thinking but the result show he is capitalist. Hmm..whats that mean?
Mine is the red dot.
This is political compass. The test was carried out in Mr. Hanna class. My World history class. He explained to me that I am more to traditional person and less to liberal. But more to authority and communist. Do I? Wow...I am communist man..! =0

Yet, he is still challenging. Well as you know, i really love challenge. That's why i said maybe i start to like him though. Because it is challenging. But the challenging comes back to test me. Soon enough, i hope i become stronger in expressing my ideas by in a good way. I'm learning. If I always keep it how could i learn? If I never do mistakes, how could I learn isn't it? This is just beginning. I know in future, a person like him could be hundreds in Canada. So, to prepare for that, I should learn how to argue. I know I'm trying to tell the truth. But somehow, this is what I think it's right from somebody saying.

It is not the matter of right or wrong. But is is how you argue it.
Somehow for me, of course there are firm with right and wrong but how i'm going to tell the reason why it is right and why it is wrong will makes it strong to be right or could be weak,,One good thing that I like is, a people who loves to think! Think! You are alive when you think! Bear with me..
*like him is not desire to a relation or something to do to attracted for boys and gurls relationship . but it's just how i love challenging. Somehow, inner esteem. He boost me to find the nswer, That's good thing though. Therefore, it is just a thing that i like is, don't stop to think. Thinking is good but don't think beyond that over the limit. Somehow to keep reasoning is good but sometimes though there will be no answer for a question. It is like, do you know when you are going to die? I know maybe some how it is not good one but its sort of like that. We can't based only to think. What i belief, there always depends and rely to wahyu. Akal tak boleh jadi tempat pergantungan sebulat2nya. Hanya menggunakan logik. I cant agree with that. How long human can use their rational thinking, huh?
YEt, I can accept person's view but I can't disagree for some extent. Accept but disagree. Fair enough. I m just tired sometimes to heard such thing that are only based on rationality and logic.

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