Selasa, Mac 30

It's a climb

Hang In There..its the climb!

Whatever it is you do in life,
Try to remember that nothing is too big to achieve
And nothing is too small to ignore,
Hang on in there, even if it's with the last thread,
It is well.

You may be on life's path
Not having an idea how and when you'll get there,
The most important thing is that you have a sense of direction,
All you have to do is to take each step one at a time,
And you'll get there.

The idea behind life is about meeting people,
The beauty of life is loving people,
The essence of life is about making impacts,
The joy of life is leaving footprints in the sands of time.

Have a wonderful relationship with God,
And know where he wants to place you in life to function,
For without him,
You are nothing.

On your journey through life,
Absorb everything you hear,
But choose what you want to believe.

just hang in there..
it is all about the climb
climbing towards success
in the world and hereafter..
accept obstacles as trials
release the burden with hope and effort
walk along the journey with faith in Him..
you will be strong
even if u dun like something
it might be good for u
its all about fate and faith

shared by ukhti Huda @ Facebook. (Jazakillahu khoyr.

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