Selasa, Mac 23

I'm not your dream gurl!

i'm not your dream gurl.
maybe will never be.

i'm not your dream gurl.
when I am too emotional.

I'm not your dream gurl,
when I can't think critically using rationality.

Please don't ever think that
I'm your dream gurl
even I'm wearing niqab
even you see I'm so pious
even when you see I dare in door
don't ever think I'm your angel
or be like angel
coz I'm not an angel
and will never be

as I will never be as in your dream
the images portray in your dream
all are just such a lie
all might be the fake of me
when you only truly get to know me
truly know the darkside in me.

I'm not your dream gurl !
and will never be
I that full of sins
and used to be a sinner

I'm not gonna be your dream gurl
and never want to be

I'm just a slave of the forgiver
who always do sin
and wanna keep on repenting
but still doin the sins
and will never stop making sins
even I wish to sink all sins
if and only if He has more mercy on me
I am fully blessed and fortunate to be.

Your dreams are fool
damn fool
Dont be a fool!
coz I know
I'm not your dream gurl
and will never be.


Madison Ave, Toronto

7 ulasan:

atiqahmohammadkhuzaini berkata...

awak ok ain?
in my opinion, admiration/love is when u love a person for his +ve values together with his weaknesses

Tanpa Nama berkata...

la tahzan,ain..u might not be his dream girl..but u might be special in HIS 's eyes..cinta Allah x pernah mengecewakan ^_^

Future Murabbi berkata...

beautiful =)

muhasabah T_T

everjihad berkata...

@kaktiqah: ok je kak. ^_^
@aino : LOL. weh ni bukan disappointment laa. aiyoo..

it just to say that jangan mimpi la aku nak jadi wanita idamanmu..

this words just wanna tell that, dont ever try to have high expectation on me.

dengan garangnya,mengatakan saya tak hingin, dan langsung tak mahu jadi gambaran 'perempuan idaman'.

as those pictures in the 'dream' might be all fake. and i don't want dissappoint that people that have make up such a dream.

so here the 'rebuttal'.

don't ever think I'm like ur dream.
don't ever think I'm like ur imagination..

coz all that is just an 'imagination'. but the truth and the reality is, not at all.

surely I know myself better.
so thats what I would say.
don't ever dream, I'm your dream gurl.

coz i dont wanna be, and will neva b.

aino ni salah intepret nih..
cuba lagi ye.
tapi bole la bg separuh markah.

@ika: hmm.. muhasabah??

Tanpa Nama berkata...

i'm not your dream gurl.
when I am too emotional.


Future Murabbi berkata...

muhasabah diri yg kite susah nak jadi perfect, walaupun tiap2 hari berikrar utk menjadi yg terbaik.

tpi Allah tgk usaha kite kan?
tolong doakan semoga hati kite ikhlas ye =)

Tanpa Nama berkata...

hua3..lwk la ain ni ^_^
xpe2..separuh markah pn ok gk tu..
asalkan lulus ye <3<3