Selasa, Mac 9

Gosh! I fall in love!

at one point, i think that, u dont really need to act superficial, and act like u r so super cool.

there was at one time i have my up and down time.

and as far as i realized, when the time i start feel down, even i dont really feel it very critical(but i say it much like very chronic ~gimik je lebey), I learnt something.

when the time it gets hard, just say it as it is. be true. u dont need to lie. be true that u are under pressure. be true that you feel hurt. be true that u feel this life so hard.

at the moment i just express what lies in my true heart, there are so much other heart that offer helps and u know what happen then? i feel the sense of belonging. feel that there are so many other people in this world that do really care about me. no matter whether he or she. that keep on telling me, to be strong, keep on telling me to push myself also one that telling me dont push too hard, all of them just because they care about me.

I found my life so much wonderful even I am stress, under pressure, feeling bad, and feeling down, but just as the time pass by and I'm passing the hard time, and when I reflect what I've done and what get into my wonderful life, it keep me smiling.

when I look back to those people, how sensitive they are to me. it means that I'm really exist in this world! isn't that cool? to feel that you really exist in this world. someone sense your existence. and you are not with them, they gonna miss u a lot! how the way they miss u? hehe. surely by showing their care.

feel being loved, being cared. masha Allah. how wonderful the feeling is. Thats what I'm enjoying right now. I start to feel so grateful with things that I have. Love to quote from su, my dear friend, please smile. you have so much reasons for you to smile to this world. good family, good friends. =)


I may not even be as myself today without people surround me. I know Allah is the source of strength of everything, but one that makes me feel this life so wonderful is also having people surround me which also come from Allah.

well, at the end, come back to Allah right? for everything and anything it is. How so lovely to have these people in my life, therefore, how so I should feel so lovely to have ALLAH as my Lord, my love.

so sweet. I start to love Him more and more after He give me more and more. and indeed love is not expecting to gain something but to give in. and I want to apply this to my lover, too. I want to give more and more to Him more than others.

my obedience, my love, my sincerity, my effort, ALL FOR HIM.

as He always being too good for me.
How could I leave Him again and anymore?

How dare am I?

oh..i start to feel like I'm in love, dude.

the real and pure love.

masha Allah, subhanallah.

just at the moment I realize this, I feel He so so amazing. no wonder I should appreciate Him 5 times a day. In fact should be more than that!

He had give me so much things and He always keep giving me more and more. until at one point where I start to feel ashamed of myself as His love are unbeatable.

Oh Gosh. I LOVE HIM so Muchh!!

I want to love you, ALLAH
more than others

Love you with all my heart
love you sincerely
love you unconditional
love you purely

I wonder how you can love me until you dont not even care anymore to all my sins unless the sin of 'backstab'(syirik).

I have no idea how I have betray your love so much until at this point where I realize your love to me.

I am so blind
so blind until I dont even feel your love that are so true and pure
I am so blind
until I start to find the love that always make me frust
I am so blind
until I ignore all the love sign from You.

ya Allah
if this life I can't realized your love,
if in this life, I can't feel your love

how wasteful my life will be.

I wanna be in love with you forever and eva.
Be your lover and always be
Be your servant as a true servant

~Slave of love~

found this lovely song.
~menjadi diriku~
by edcoustic.

Tak seperti bintang di langit
Tak seperti indah pelangi
Karena diriku bukanlah mereka
Ku apa adanya

Dan wajahku memang begini
Sikapku jelas tak sempurna
Ku akui ku bukanlah mereka
Ku apa adanya

Menjadi diriku
Dengan segala kekurangan
Menjadi diriku
Atas kelebihanku.......

Terimalah aku
Seperti apa adanya
Aku hanya insan biasa
Ku pun tak sempurna

Tetap ku bangga
Atas apa yang ku punya
Setiap waktu ku nikmati
Anugerah hidup yang ku miliki

I am enjoying being myself right now.
Enjoying His LOVE

4 ulasan:

Syafiqah Najib berkata...

saye pown jatuh cinta!
semoga cinta ini tak pudar,
dan semoga cinta dari-Nya jugak takkan pudar T_T

Daffodil berkata...




datang nak senyum je

Syed Mohd Syahmi berkata...

taktau nak komen ape.

nice anyways.
1 guess that 1 word would describe everything than can be affiliated. :)

CikUna berkata...

sungguh teruja,, semoga cinta saya sentiasa diberkati ALLAH.. amin