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NOtes that I jotted down. Sharing for benefit to anyone.

Yesterday, I went to a lecture about L + M by Shaykh Muhammad Al Shareef

Few things to ponder and here some brief insights that I able to jotted down.

How many people are you worth?

Certain people may worth to 10 people while some others might worth 1-1.

  • Therefore choose person that worth 10 person.
  • Man speaks with less word.
  • make a wish and desire.
Be the role model!
Who are the role models for the boy that keep doing violence?

if the unmatured boy become man it may become unmatured husband and therefore society may messed up.

When the Prophet PBUH said, do not imitate other gender, it means what to be your own gender?

What does it mean to be a man?

Man supposedly having the manner for him to be a MAN.

  • Leader from the back - leader from the front. Both are important.
  • Be a man if you are not man enough.
If a man not able to attract a woman, he will degrade himself to gain attention like fall to pornography and get the excitement.

Be a leader to goodness.

A myth about marriage.

"happily ever after"

Not true. Indeed, happiness need effort. You have to work for happiness . Build it up.

Looking somebody with strength and good character.
To work on bride of your dream, be like your dream.

Determine without asking.
If you marry someone that do not have the same value as you, your freedom of life will lost.

Somehow, life partner is someone that very similar to you.
Half angel - half angel.
Half demon - half demon.

Be like an angel and you will found an angel.

qualities of man.
  1. strong
  2. trustworthy
  3. know the information - knowledge
"coolness of the eye"

In doa : Make us imam for the muttaqin - the believer.


- Do you best in your place i.e be the top of the class
- You know what you capable of therefore push yourself to the front

You may able to be a great potential spouse.

- Keep habit on blogging.
- Raise your status
- Express your value
- Give speech and learn the art of delivering
- See someone respectful

A rijal that mentioned in quran
  • one that always pray at masjid.
  • not distracted from remember Allah
  • do things for the sake of Allah
It's NOW to get more serious in life.
Put your foundation first.
The energy will speaks for itself.


some insight during the Orphan Sponsorship Programme

- Keep doing iniative to make differences on other people's lives.
- Make a difrences on going basis.
- Continue mission starts from one

Ideas coming by in and out. ACKNOWELDGE IT.

Would you let the opportunity pass by?
No. I want to make a difference!

2 types of WHY

Abrahamic questions - is sincere and increase faith. He feels need to be address so that he may be more firm.
Satanic questions - reduce faith and arrogant

The best possible deeds are taking care orphans.
Fulfil the needs of other people will free you from hell fire.

The greates virtue - consistent.
If Allah open door to you, be consistent so that it will be fruited.

remember Allah in all state.
The most beloved action is consistency because it shows one do it with sincere heart and do it only for Allah.

Characteristics that free you from hell fire - helpin gother people distress and seek His pleasure.

What is in orphan?
- An opportunity to seek blessing from Allah

No person wealth will diminish to charity.
Charity is a clear proof that you believe in Hereafter as it is unimaginable rewards and this will lift up your iman.

See someone doing good, you should make a du'a for them as they has take the social responsibility. The have do the fardhu kifayah which save the society and you from doing it.

Therefore, make a du'a for them! May Allah bless him in Dunia and Akhirat.

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