Ahad, Mac 21

I Want Gentle Companion By My Side

I want,
A gentle companion by my side
A gentle heart that iman close inside
One that gentle to take me away by pride

Take me away from the evil and darkness
Take me away from the spoilers
Take me away from the hell

Take me near to Paradise

Take my hands close to the heart
Take my hands close by your side
Take my hands close in protection

I want,
a companion of life
to share the truth that are bright
bitter sweet together we never apart

as for us,
to seek Paradise as the final destination
to seek Allah's bless as ultimate goal
as that is the journey of our life.

3 ulasan:

Daffodil berkata...


tumpang batuk nek!



moga Allah makbulkan doamu~~

No Name berkata...

Ameen Ya Rabb...

Awanama berkata...

kte pn nk tumpang batuk gk..uhuk2..
inshaAllah,ain..semoga Allah pertemukan ain dgn org yg mencintaiNya jgk <3<3