Ahad, Mac 7

I wonder ...

in life there are things just not going the way you think they will

there are always things that you can do and things that you are unable to do

things that you have so much passion and STRENGTH
and things that you need to find yourself, push yourself and build up the strength

i wonder
for some time
why should we 'waste' much time pushing ourself
to get the strength
instead of we actually already have those strength in ourself
in our real PASSION

indeed, this life would not end up just like we think
indeed, in this life there are so much other things that we may never discover
perhaps we had just close the chances get to know the chances
chances are, we never lose any chances as long we stil ALIVE.
alive in a way that our heart and spirit are alive.

no matter how hectic and eccentric this life is,
indeed the life itself is a gift.
a gift from God, to be appreciated.

if you 'fail' for now, thats not the end of the world
as to be real, there's no such a failure.
you are learning.
Everyday you are learning.
(thanks to Julia for saying this words to me)
learning throughout the journey.
and your journey of life just begin
at the moment you start to feel the 'failure'
as failure means you are doing something.
Something that maybe not enough for you to excel.

Indeed, in this life, nothing to be worried. no matter how sucks your life might be.
(i.e dropout, fail exams/course),.

you are the loser, if you don't have iman with you
- Sh. Muhammad Al-Shareef

Indeed, Allah has make this life for us to show EFFORT.
Thats all what is needed.
Not how much effort that be counted, indeed as long as it is AN EFFORT.
Only to Allah we may rely on.
No matter how bad or how good we make the effort,
Allah already has prepared much things for us.

In the end, why should we worry much about this world?
Keep on thinking what has come to me lately,
reflecting and pondering, accessing the 'fear' ,
I made up myself to be fearless other than Allah.
Trying to make my fear only for Allah not the other things.

Life has nothing much to worry about.
As being told by our Prophet PBUH,
whether it is good or bad that come to us, there are always something good in it.

@everjihad: Maybe this Hadeeth can help:
Suhaib reported that Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) said: Strange are the ways of a believer for there is good in every affair of his and this is not the case with anyone else except in the case of a believer for if he has an occasion to feel delight, he thanks (God), thus there is a good for him in it, and if he gets into trouble and shows resignation (and endures it patiently), there is a good for him in it.

(Sahih Muslim, Bk 42, Number 7138)

(thanks a lot for the person that keep on telling me the same hadith over and over again.
The same person, the same hadith.Jazakallahukhoyr.)

Indeed this hadith really means to me.
Keeps on reminding me to keep on having a firm belief.
Significant enough to say,
indeed the only thing we need to do after we realized the mistake we did,
stop doing the same mistakes,
leave the sins
and try get better.

and indeed it's really mean to me
when my cousin once said to me,
as a true muslim,
in real we only have 2 choices.
Either you choose GOOD or BETTER.
bad will never accounted as one of the options.

Indeed, I agree with her.
I want to keep telling myself, I am a believer.
I have Him by my side no matter what happen in this world.
I know who I am. And He know who am I.
Deep inside me that will never ever able being judged by HUMAN.
Indeed only Him.
Therefore, again, I only should fear His judgement on me more than others.

May Allah make me firm and make me strong
for this upcoming days which each day really a turning point of my life.
Each day that will determine the next chapter of my life.
Each day that may bring me to other stages of life.

Only to Allah I leave the matter.
Indeed I am human that have so much weakness, imperfect, and has the limit.
With Him, I have nothing to worry.

Keep moving on.
you have such a beautiful life.
Leave the past behind.

You can't change what you have done in your past.
But as for now, you can only keep on trying.

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su ad baca in a novel.
it goes something like this;
"if you judge one person, you're judging God because He is the one that created us all"