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Fear of Tomorrow


I do have fear sometimes that hit my life. I have so much thoughts that always wandering in my mind.

Am I able to make it?
Will I succeed this challenge?
What will it be if I fail?
Can I make it real?
What will be the next episode of my life?

Somehow, there are positive thoughts which is idealistic instead of realistic. Sometimes, the fear in my heart not pushing me forward but hold me back. A dilemma after dilemma. A bit by bit, keep on questioning myself, what I want in my life? What I need in this life? Thinking of future that always uncertain. Of course I do have so many wishes to be accomplished on but at one point of 'struggles' in getting there I just couldn't found my real self.

a SELF crisis is what I'm undergo right now.

Telling myself, the role that I play in this world.

Keep on struggling, keep on pushing, keep on questioning, keep on wondering.

Wish are not always like a fair-tale. We will always used to see the grass is greener at other side. All my wants even so is fulfilled still won't satisfying until my real needs indeed have been satisfied.

After phase by phase passing my life, the fear is always there. The RISKs are always there. I keep on asking my Lord, to streghten my heart and soul here. In anything and everything I do. Guide myself towards righteous. Not let me far astray in my own world that border less.

My life...
is what?
What my life really is?


Don’t Let Fear Stop You

Whenever we grow, there is fear.

Whenever we do something new, there is fear.

Whenever we push ourselves to new heights or expand our comfort zone, there is fear.

This is the nature of life.

Life is always moving – either we are moving forward, growing, or we are moving back, dying.

We have a choice – we can either grow or we can die.

Growth and fear go hand in hand. It’s part of a package, and if we fail to embrace the whole package, we will die.

Don’t fear failure – failure is inevitable and necessary.

Look at the life of any successful person and you will see a litany of failure.

This failure is the foundation of success, so long as we learn from it.

Don’t fear other people.

They are as vulnerable and as beautiful as you are – only sometimes they lash out in various ways to protect themselves.

Everyone is doing their best, so be gentle on other people and don’t be scared of them.

When you face your fears, they will vanish like smoke.

source : Success in Life


Well, thinking of future that will never be certain. There are other thing that indeed much more important to think about.

What if I die today, What do I have left ?
What I have done to face Him?


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