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What do you do?

---There are many people in hardship in this world that need us!---

TRIAGE : Humanitarian Dilemma

Significant and Interesting quotes

“I still have, and I always will I think, a nearly uncontainable rage about what happened in Rwanda, in Somalia and in many other parts of the world and about what's happening now in many parts of the world. To see mothers and fathers and children dying of indifference, dying of neglect, of abuse, of somebody's political calculation, that that doesn't matter. It fills me first of all with just profound sorrow that they have to live that and die it. And then it fills me with rage, frankly. And the question then is what do you do? What do you do with that?”
“There were displaced people literally everywhere. Just imagine thin-boned people walking down the street with whatever they have left - one or two children, too weak to move. They were hungry, they were sick. They were dying literally on the streets. And under those circumstances you have to focus on what it is that you're here to do. We were trying to provide food and medical care for upwards of 150,000 people who had flocked into Baidoa. They were sitting silently, waiting for food. And that's what I remember the most is the silence. Children were so weak that they couldn't even lift a spoon to their mouth. And too weak to even yell or be upset because the food isn't here or it's late or whatever. Too weak to even assert themselves. That's what a feeding centre looks like.”

“The genocide in Rwanda was THE most transformative moment in my life. Much as I love my wife and much as I love my children, I know that the single most powerful moment of insight for me was here.”
“The genocide was a collective act. What made it possible, what made that final political crime possible was the absence, the erasure of seeing the other, of knowing, of feeling, of being with the other. And when that's removed, then politics can become genocidal.”

“On a personal level I'm definitely writing for my children. I want them to know who their father is. How I have really struggled to live in a way that I think and feel is right. I want them to understand that there's no perfect answer, but there's the right question. And there's a right way to live your question. And, therefore, to live your life. There are so many crucial issues that have to be addressed... global warming, the war on terror, the use of torture... and none of these will be addressed unless we take our responsibility as human beings and from a place that respects the dignity of others, including our enemies... This is the lens. This is the way to see the world.”

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