Ahad, Mac 29

Reasons to Study

Six reason to study
edited from my friend post

Why do I study though?

ONE. To gain Allah's blessings.

TWO. To get Mumtaz( achieve excellence), insyaAllah.(with God's will)

THREE. To be an educator

FOUR. To excel in something for once. for my own satisfaction and personal achievement

FIVE. It's fun! Hell yeah~

SIX. For the sake of knowledge itself.

Dear Allah
I present myself this time as someone who begs for your blessings. I know I did not do much in the pass, I know I have done so much wrong. I am weak, I am stupid.

I have no right to be what I am today without You.

Dear Allah
I am not wishing for a miracle, I am wishing for the best for me, yet I am also wishing for the best that doesn't hurt.

Dear Allah
please make this heart strong, please make this mind clear for tomorrow's exam.

Dear Allah
please make me strong to overcome anything that might be holding me back, anything that may upset me for any reason.

Please, if possible, give me the best result for this exam.

I am a sinner, but I am Your humble servant.
I am doing all I can to be a better person and SERVANT.

Fikri Prastanta
Late night,