Rabu, Mac 18

Leave your prejudice!

I believe.
When you believe He is The Most Forgiveness
Repent is the only way for you to have a fresh 'start'

To have a fresh start, it means
to move foward and forget everything you’ve done
to have anything that u never have before - perhaps His Bless -
to sacrifice things that you 'love' but not things that you need
to let go anything that not your own but His own

anything it is, what is done is done
and it can't be undone if u don't like it.
but there's always room for CHANGE..
all the great experience u've had, the ups and downs..
those are precious..
something to treasure and to ponder upon treading a different path..
sometimes past mistakes will haunt us
and make us afraid to move foward
to run to the happiness
instead of 'happiness' of right now
whereas actually, you know something that maybe many people dont even know bout it
fears are there to be conquered..
our own faults, our own mistakes,
should not be the stone for us to proceed to gain His Bless
and get out from the 'darkness' of the life

However, can a fresh start really be a fresh start?

Yes. It can be.

Things you do will still haunt you
but remember it is a part of life that you need to live with it.
what had past, is qadho' and qadha. sudah suatu ketetapan.
He had set all that.
but in future and right now,
Allah knows everything.
You never know what is good for you
even you never know what is set for you
so please dont make conclusion
dont make judgement
dont prejudice to yourselve, and to Him
and what in your heart is much more important
and also what you are doing

Things you lose, you will gain back
Things you sacrifice will demand it’s pay
Because Paradise is only open to one that willing to pay
and also from His rahmat

Things you let go will occasionally come back
It will happen when you choose it to be.

There's always have such thing as 'Fresh start'
as you choose it
you choose the way that could lead your life out from darkness

You got one chance to live
One chance to make any decision
Live with it
Live with your decision
Learn from the consequences
Suffer from the catastrophes

Clocks are ticking clockwise
Nothing, nothing you can do to make it reversed

Live with the decision
Yes you could. create yourr life as you wish.
but to have a life as Allah's wish is rhe main thing
It is not easy as ABC
but it also not so hard to do as long as you know
what is the most essential thing in this life - His Bless -
as you will return to Him at last.

How to have a fresh start?
You dont need a start
because you've already started your life

and when u didnt want me
I wanted you because
The funny things about it is
I Iiked the show
I like it when it's difficult
I like it when it's hard
Then you know it's worth it
That you found your heart
Finding your heart

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