Jumaat, Disember 19

Its not time but it is lesson

love to quote from my lovely ukhti during the tahfiz camp in KIPSAS last time. Similar to what I feel. Now she maybe still in Darul Quran or grad already.

But I feel drained; thinking so much about my carelessness and feeling
sorry towards others. But yeah, I have to be realistic. That’s impossible. I
should make up my mind and learn to solve problems realistically and give myself
a chance to improve and do better next time.Stop being judgemental to my own
self. I am growing up; and making mistakes is a part of it. I should appreciate
all that I have experienced; all that I have learnt. We can never be assured
that going back to the past will help us do something better and successfully.
No. In this case, it is not time that matters, but the will to learn and treat
our mistakes, faults and weaknesses truthfully; as the way it should be.I
believe, there will always be a second chance for those who really mean to
change. So, there must be a second chance for me, Insha’Allah. “If I can’t learn
from good examples, I will learn from mistakes.” And that’s exactly what I will
do now; to learn from mistakes, Insha’Allah.

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