Jumaat, Disember 19

I want to FLY!

After reading a blog of a friend of mine, I feel inspired. I want to be like ...

very discipline person! I get inspiration by just read the post nd I really want to be there! To see ISLAM there. I will do what ever it takes.

I try so hard and go so far..in the end it doesnt even matter..(tawakkal) ~quote from linkin park's ~

My top priority now is to pull up my marks at least 85. The only mark i should get to fly.
FOr now on, i'm sorry to person that connected to me. I need to be a bit selfish and it could hurt you when i ignore you. I know. But it's my dream to realize. As a scholar, as a muslim it is a hope of jemaah and ummah to me, a hope and high expectation from sponsor and especially my beloved parents.. for me to succeed. I dare not to play2 anymore. only 6 months to go! I need to learn to say No no no for now and next time. Insaf! My bad mark teach me a great lesson to be learnt. and I dont want to be stupid to do over the same mistake as I did in past. I cant have both. To have good time with you now will be a pain later on. THerefore, I am avoiding anyone that could drag away from the GOAL. I'm sorry.
I need to be strong and focus more to one thing and prioritize.
My situation is so critical which I really need to push my limit over the average one.
I hope people understand me. Maybe this is not my final answer but this is the only thing in my mind for now. IT is because of situation that put me like this. For now, I dare not to go further as it will consume my precious time and the only opportunity that I have. I put my trust in Allah to let it be.
May Allah Bless us.
~maybe blogging also should be avoided next time. as it consume a lot of the time. no more blogging after this.~
WAKE UP Qurratul! WAKE UP Muslims!! Wake UP!!!

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