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Sayonara 2008

2008 is a colourful year. Lot of things happen. A transition of my life! Lets see how was it..

Just graduated from secondary school. Not going to school anymore :( I'm so bored!!! I finished my last paper which is Arabic on 4th Dec 2007. 3 days later i feel the worst day in my life. THe most boring day in my life I guess. Well, in this month I don't really do anything. Online almost everyday, and 24 hours. Keep chatting with people that I dont ever know them and some more active in forum!

This month I think I start to take driving class. But the process was so long! I can't really remember whats going on in this month. Ouhh. i took English class in UIA. BUt i dont think it is a good class as I hate it so much from the first week! Honestly, I suggest anyone don't take English course in UIA for SPM leaver. It just not much thing but somehow, if British Council you'll got more benefit.

12March~~ the SPM result came out!!! My result not too bad. Alhamdulillah. Praise to Him that give me such result. My result so colourful. Most of the grade have in my slip! My result got ABC. Ais Batu Campur. hoho ~_~. There only 3 students that get 10As including myself. But no wonder I can get such result because I took 14 subjects!

Busy applying scholarships and attending interviews. I got 2 interviews only. JPA and Darul Quran. My DQ interview, I cant read Quran at the time because of uzur, that I've being asked to memorize kiTab zanji! fuhh...but it is a good experience. Besides, for JPA interview is such a lovely experience. See here >>

Waiting for JPA call. Unfortunately I didnt get it. And u know what, i got DQ! Actually I can expect that I get it but I just don't hope so much and somehow I am scared if I get DQ. Then it become for real. Ah sudahh...seriously I didn't know what to decide..My heart is like both side. Then mama said, no need to go. I just follow her say. Well this month I've posted how it feel don't secure the place for scholarship. Well, I got Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM) for the IPTA. I registered there for accounting. Nice experiece. Somehow there was a rayuan for those who not secure the scholarship in first place. I still remember that I asked help from a brother from UK. Helping me review my appeals. He do reconstruct my sentence. I guess, he is really genious.

I got 2nd call for JPA. Perhaps because of the good and 'diplomacy' words I got 2nd chance. Thanx bro! Thanks to Allah. I've been in USIM for almost 2 weeks. In a week of istikharah, I've decided to take this challenge! June is a month that I start finding information about the course and the college life. From forum, recom and also a good chat friend of mine that still available until now.

I still remember 5th July is the first day of JPA meeting, and for registration to Taylors. The day of my life having new place. A good place to live! Casa Subang..such really nice. People should be really grateful how bless to be there. The accomodation almost perfect for me. Rather that hostel in USIM, no TV, no refrigerator, no ASTRO and no single room!. I got single room! So lucky. Alhamdulillah.

My life in taylor and ICPU begins! A LOT of new things happen and trying to comfort and manage my new life as it is. The life being here, is getting challenging. It's challenge me a lot!!

Getting busy!

Getting more alive. as I've went to few programmes that being conducted from past seniors. Oversea. ISK, Syahadatul Haq, IPK yg terjadi ISK. I got new aspiration fro Islam. New awareness. I'm more aware what am I doing, the only thing is the sake of Islam. SOmehow, I start to think more about islam from before.

Busy with final project! Seriously I feel sometimes 'tired'. But I need to continue as this is the road that I've chose. No matter what I need to succeed! Well, this month got final exam which is 30% will be the final mark for 1sem!

Just right after exam, is my sister's wedding! Oh dear. So busy with kenduri this holiday. However, this holiday is really exciting and wonderful as it end with family vacation in Teluk Batik and Lumut. I've took ride on banana boat. 2 times. 1st one, I sit in front! THe salty water of the ocean splashing on my face a lot!! I imagine that those waves is the obstacle that I going through. It's really fun! And then, went to Lumut. I learnt how to swim from Abah. Good experience. Well, my say, the key is, you need to relax and make sure follow teh technique properly and wait to have your own rythm. Adjust a bit and keep on.

Here there, a C O L O U R F U L life of the year

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