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Welcome 2009!

Today is Wednesday. The last day for year 2008! and Today also 2nd day for the first year of Islam.

What is my azam for this new year.

1. I want to FLY

Why? I want to see islam there. In Canada, in toronto! I wish to be there. The only reason I want to fly because I want to spread islam. islam is the best way of life. islam propagate the best guidance for life. islam is a submission to God. by that you will find peace in life. Dare? Let's have that peace.


1- I need to apply all those good that islam teached me.
I should practice islam itself for MYSELF first! No matter what, I hate to see people look down to me because of islam that i have in myself. No reason for that. IT shouldn't be. The only thing I should do, is be good!

Especially a GOOD KID. T_T..the hardest one i think. Nevermind, i will try try and try.
so thats some of the azam.

it is interconnected.

1. to FLY > SPREAD islam > APPLY n PRACTICE islam > Be GOOD kid and muslim

How to fly?

I should put my time more to important thing and things that related to make me FLY.
Such as, PRAY, WORK HARD, DO NOT GIVE UP, FOCUS, PATIENT, DETERMINE, TAWAKAL, STUDY (of course!), get HIGH MARK for every subject, PASS cutt point IELTS and first mid sem.

What can make me fly?

Of course ONLY with Allah's will. THerefore, I should please Him more to make me fly. If let say, in His will I'm not set to be there, then it is okay. I accept it. But currently, thats not my business. I even don't want to listen those pessimist thing. I want to keep positive as that the only thing that will keep me ALIVE!

Life will end when you stop believing, and hope will end when you stop dreaming.
If you can dream, you can achieve! What is dreamable is achievable.
I will realize the POWER of a DREAM

BUT a dream is NOTHING, unless I WORK FOR IT.

Sedangkan Allah pun, kata, dalam hadis kudsi,
"Aku menurut persangkaan hambaKu kepada-Ku....."

and, takkan ubah nasib sesuatu kaum melainkan dia mengubah apa yang ada dalam dirinya
- Ar-Ra'du, 11-

So keep husnu zonn to Him. THat's much better rather than keep holdng negative thinking that only killing. Other than that, it is my own EFFORT and WORK HARD. STRUGGLE till the end.

I try so hard, and go so far, in the end it doesnt even matter....

But i need to keep say it LOUD, Why?

So that me myself also will always keep pushing the limit of myself.
I WANT it, so I MUST do WHATEVER it TAKES! No matter what! as long in Allah's please.


how to achive this azam?

It is only by have the knowledge about islam. WHere to get the knowledge?? Sort of...so many ways..if i cant get it from usrah(which mean i can even follow it as because of something) then, i can ask my friend what they get from usrah. Perhaps that could be much better, at least they also get pahala because telling me. If not, they just keep it. But i need to work for it. Get it from other people. I dont want to miss it even i can't attend any usrah anymore.
A strong reason for that, I want to put my parents back. Its ok, mama don't give me to go. It doesnt me I will stop myself from getting tarbiyah. There's a lot of way to make it. Now, I want to show to mama, that I'm not as what she think I am. How? I have to CHANGE myself la! To get mama trust, so that, i can follow later on. let say in canada ke..but for now, i really need time, to get mama's trust. How? By DOING GOOD. Help her a lot at home. Help doing household, don't ever make her angry(thats the hardes thing as she used to mad to me T_T).

To gain Allah's bless, that's what I need to do.
It also one of dakwah that i preached.
Now I should realize, my time is very limited. I should appreciate my time with them. I don't want to regret later on that I dont do much good to them.

Yeah..my azam is TRYING to be GOOD.

So let's stop here, as I need to do lot of housework. A tonne of it! ~_~
Settle it before I back to casa, to taylor ~to college life.

A good muslim is to be prepared for everything.
I should get prepare myself. Even now, I shouldn't do anything bad and anything that waste.

Oh that is my azam too for 2009.
Ok, lets make a list here.

2009, azam

1- Be a GOOD MUSLIM. Show good example. SHow ISLAM is the best way of life! pply and Practice Islam. WHOLE- fully
2- Be good child.
3- Avoid useless thing, thoughts and anything that NOT GOOD
5- CARE other people. ALERT with WORD ISSUES, especially what happen to muslim world

Ayuh BERHIJRAH!(kepada yang LEBIH BAIK)

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