Sabtu, Julai 26

What is My Real Dream?


What is my dream?
What i really want in my life?
What i want to with my life?
What i need in my life?

Do i need love?
Do i need good job?
Do i need high pay?

I just want to stay believe with what i always believe
i want to uphold what i believe
nothing should be stressed..
Allah is the Lord
anything can be done

i really dream to see the outside world
but when the time it comes,
it's not an easy task
it's not easy part
it's not easy but yet, the dream is not only dream
will i be happy if i could fulfill my own dream?

Souns pretty good yeah when u heard oversea
studying oversea and sort of..
at this time, i dont get too excited bout it
and what i feel at this time, is just..
i missed the time where i was in islamic environment
i missed to give and accept salam from many peoples
i do really miss the lovely smile from all my friends out there in USIM
i do missed the cool-sight of the scene
a humble way to get through
i do miss all that..

here, none of it.
different world
different perceptive
although you get internationally bonded
i dont feel i was at the top of the world
because at the time it is
this is not really what i really want

i want islam as my way of life
i want always bonded with muslim society
but i knew everything in life
Allah knows the best for us
and i think maybe this is the best for me
as i be a better person in the aspect of self-development
in term of spiritual especially..
here, i come to get closer to Allah
i don't really know how it happen.
but it just like, i feel i've no body here
and Allah is the only one that i have
everything it is i just tell Allah what i feel
i'm more comfortable and i could feel the calmness and the strength

just, the environment here is not what i always want
well, at this time and at this stage
i need to learn to mix around with those people
and grace the Islam as it is the only way of life
that will make ur life safe, peace and harmony..

indah khabar dari rupa..
i dont really expect good thing here, from the beginning
but as far as i could see
when there is a small or minority of islamic community
usually the small one is strong

i just can say, it is better to more appreciate the thing
when it is seems to be missing but it is not..
what does it mean?

memiliki tetapi tidak menghargai apalah ertinya?
andai sukar untuk dimiliki namun lebih menghargai,
mungkinkah itu lebih beerti?

Moga hidupku penuh pengertian!
Ya Allah hanya padamu ku berserah segalanya..

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Z. berkata...

quratul, found ur blog! hehe. im linking u okay? take care!

everjihad berkata...

yezza.. prob!

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