Selasa, Julai 8

3rd Day in Taylor's

My First Class..

I feel quite tired today. I don't know why. Maybe because lack of energy. I dont get enough energy. That's why my body getting weak. Yah ..What I've eaten recently? Hmm.. i don't feel i eat PROPERLY. Just asal kenyang n tak mati lorr..T_T..i really want to budget my money, that's why it affected my food and sort of. I think, I have to take nasi once a day. Maybe that is the source of energy. But somehow, i don't know why, sometimes although i've ate but i don't feel kenyang. I don't know what's wrong. WHether is it i dont baca bismillah or what. but somehow, although i did it, still sometimes feel lapar after that. Hmm..maybe the food not so mengenyangkan. I'm not sure. MAybe i should see dietician..

And i feel like i want to see someone that know but balance diet. It's not i want to diet. But the most thing is i want to diet my pocket money. THat's the only thing. But somehow, i want to know what's the best solution or what's the way for me to cope with the life here. I want to save my money in the same time, i want to be energetic and have balance diet and get proper food to eat.

By the way, today i don't belanja ape2 pun as what i still remembered. I just eat potato bread. And when came back home, i eat bread with tuna and after wake up from asleep i take instant noodle. NO EXPENSES for today..but the effect is, i dont get proper eat. SO, maybe that's the reason why i feel really lembik today. Flat already on the bed.
Let see what i've eaten for today. In the morning, i just eat a potato bread with soya bean. Then, in the afternoon, i only eat potato bread again. Finish up the whole bread. IN the evening, i just eat bread with tuna. At night, i eat instand noodle. So, no expenses. ,,

So today, i want to talk about my first experience in the first class in Taylor's University College. Wel, today is really a test to everybody. Why? Because in the very early morning, almost at 6 i think, the weather has changed. IT started to rain and at 6.30 it completely become heavy rain with a strong wind. We move out from house almost 6.40 am. Today, i've wake up early in the morning. Almost 5.30am and i'm the first person that use the toilet. ^_^. I can't solat today. Maybe tomorrow i can.

Next we take the bus. Almost 7.05 we have reach the college. Maybe the journey takes only 20 minutes. As it is not really a heavy traffic like yesterday. I've some chat with my housemates after that in cafe. And i getting bored, as no interesting topic and i dont really know what to, i just hope i can leave them as soon as possible coz i dont really used to CHAT early in the morning. Tak biasa rasanye. I dont know i feel, that's not my life. Usually, early in the morning, should started with zikrullah..doa and so on. So, i feel like if i join them to chat n so on, ifeel i'm wasting my time for nothing. And feel strange if i don't start my day with anything related to Allah from the beginning of the day. Although i dont feel the same way consistently, as sometimes i dont feel anything if I skip the ma'thurat n doa subuh at home. But here i really feel something missing if i dont recite all that. So, after 10 minutes be with them, i ask to leave. I go and find my class. Oh i wear tudung labuh in yellow and baju punjabi with black trousers. Hmm..i know, few people stare at me. Yeah..of course they do. Becoz what? no other reason la. just becoz of my tudung lbuh. quite labuh la. just like what i wear in usim and what i usually where. Although mama usually advice to me don't wear labuh2 at the college, but i tak makan saman. I dont' care. And, till now, i feel proud to be me. Feel happy. Yeah, in a second, sometimes, feel like 'terpinggir'. But I think, the one that makes you alone or tersisih is you yourself. Not other people. If you don't mix around, make new friends, no doubt you will be alone or feel like tersisih. But somehow, i don't really feel that, but in the same time, i dont really have many friends here. Everyone is new to me. And none of them that really suite me. I've found few that maybe sefikrah but then, i don't know why, i cant really 'masuk' or in line. I dont know..the attitude to be sejiwa is not there. Maybe sekepala = sefikrah. But i dont know, why there're not dekat di hati.. Just that kind of feeling.

So continue to story. Finally, i've found my class. Which is the first class is at D16. And the very first class was Individual Family. I am happy coz i'm the first person that enter the class. I use the time with reciting al-Ma'thurat. I'm not sure whether my voice is loud or not but as nobody there, i can hear my own voice very clearly and my voice bergema to the whole room. In the first class, there was Canadian teacher. His name is Mr. Colin Shafer from Toronto. He loves plant and environment. Allergic with math textbook, calculator and cellphones ringing. HE loves football and basketball also loves positive people. He has travelled a lot . What i got is, if you want to travel around, MAKE MONEY. and yet.. he really speak 'pure' or 'truly' english. With the slank that concentrated. I still can understood but then 10% from what he said I DON'T GET IT. TT_TT..

And you know what, I'm the only malay girl in the class and also i think the only muslim. IF i'm not mistaken as others more were chinese and few are indians. NExt, was Eng3U class. Miss Natalie Gaham. She was good. Loves to laugh. She really trying hard to pronounce all the names correctly but i know it is really hard for he. Especially my name. She really cant spell it. Pity to her, So, i just said call me with Ain. And i think almost everywhere or everytime, i have to get used people call me ain, instead of Qurratul. I think no more will call me by my fullname or Qurratul. Anything, will be AIN. so, i've to get use of it. Ain = Eye. Anything will be AIN!

Today's class is more to introduction. Next class was World Issue. Miss Elizabeth Christie. She is really beautiful. And, really slanked. Hmm..i'm getting sleepy actually if i dont get what the teacher said. Whey my attention is reduced, i will feel sleepy. YEt, i'm not sure, but i've yawn for few times..She started the class with a poem about 'if the world is small.." and this class quite interesting. She showed the moview of a cartoon that sang all the countries over the world. So cute. I like it. IN the previous class also, Miss Natalie showed her place which how was the Canada..and have the audio with a good music played. IN Mr Shafer class also, got slideshow. HE showed his place, his university, his life and the countries and place that he had go. So interesting. And i feel like i want to travel a lot after this. Being inspired with that slide.

After the English class, we have a break. And afterward, I have World History class with Mr. Hanna. Nice person. He hates late. Well, i think almost every class teacher hate late. So anything no excuses..should be EARLY. I think, if there anything that i want to ask, i can't ask right after class. I have to wait after 3.30 and see them out of the class time as i have class and they also have class after that. He wants Learning history is just to have a better living. Eager to know more bout Malaysia's culture. A curious person. Love to study. So, overall i don't know how to describe more about the class. As, i'm getting weaker for the last class. I dont know i dont feel energetic as early in the morning. Hmm..maybe i have to do something. To make sure this will not happen again..

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atiqahmki berkata...

salam, awk dh jumpe support grup tak kat taylor's? usrah ke?

everjihad berkata...

wassalam amki,
erm saper gerangannye amki neh ek?

erm..alhamdulillah, baru jumpa satu. satu tu scr tak langsung. masa dok surau, pastu dier ade buat mcm, saje join2..yg tu dr KBI..(Kelab Bina Insan)

ade lg satu tu, ade kakak lain y buat..Alhamdulillah..

atiqahmki berkata...

ooo,sy icpu 07/08.bru habes last june.
amki tu initial name penuh sye.
btw,saje tanye sebab usrah tu cm penting kat mane je awk brade.
btp kuat pn kite, prlu sllu diigtkn.
bgslaa, kalu dh ade.
kakak yg lain tu, aziemah eh?
die ade jugak crite slalu gi casa jumpe juniors.
she was my usrahmate dulu.kalu bukan die, carilah die.heh.die SAM.exkisasian