Jumaat, Julai 25

Aim for TORONTO!!!

adapted from Anas's Blog.

The cut-off point wouldn't really a big deal.

I've been in the ICPU for almost a month! Mr Wise had shared many things with us - in English 3U lesson. Learning media is a very interesting thing, yet very exciting even in a fidget mode. He was very serious.

"If you always do what you did, you will always get what
you got... If you don't change, you'll be the same forever

Mr Stephen Wise said.

"University of Toronto is the top 25th University in
the world. You have to raise up your standard to the top 25 in the
from the other speech of his.

"If you come that university, you will be in the bottom, if
you don't progress

"Don't waste your time playing games, chatting!, or all the trash things," and again he said.

He said to be in top university in Canada, is to be in that top standard.

You are competing with the world. And, the cut-off point of 80 wouldn't really be a big deal then.

In media, we learnt about the truth democracy, the concern and everything. He also recommended reading at least a book in a month, and at least a media/journalist article a day, good media channel, like http://www.iht.com, www.nytimes.com

Meanwhile, next week, we'll have Chemistry test. That's too early test.

And, also, the presentation of Quadratic Function in the morning. I was bubbling around on the application, but it is really attractive presentation, though breaking the time rules, and talking nonsense.

Learning Java is great, this is some of the codes:

System.out.println("You will have a very wonderful life in ICPU, and we have prepared you well, said Mr frank Meeger");

p/s: I heard Mr. Adnan said to me that in Canada you still able to learn Arabic and interestingly, it can be accounted to your credit and curriculum. Oh, Really!!! Is this for real!! That's Great! I can't wait for that..I could be my dream to speak arabic all the time...

For english, I'm working hard on it..
Hard to understand the class here..TOTALLY ENGLISH...ergggghhhh...although the teacher trying to explain more to me, i couldnt understand better. Lecturer mane reti cakap Melayu..hua3...base melayu aku paham r..huhu..camne r kat canada nt..TT_TT

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Unknown berkata...

copyright controlled..tgk kt bwh blog aku..
ko kne buat kerja tuk aku...
tuk bebaskn dr kne saman..hehe...

prastanta berkata...

makin ramai member kisas kau ye

semoga bjaya di Taylors...

Unknown berkata...

please view the comments on my top 25 standard post.
u'll get the truth inspiration there.

David berkata...

Go higher!

Aim for McGill, TOp 12!


everjihad berkata...

to david>>

as far as i know, mcgill the best university for soc sc, isn't it? is that true?

are you goin to mcgill? where is mcgill actually? is it near toronto or ontario??

Awanama berkata...

Yes. McGill is the best Social Science in Canada. Its Poli Sci, Economics and Psychology are among the best not only in Canada but in the world as well.

Last year in TIMES higher education, McGill was placed 12th uni of the world overall, and 11th for Social Science.

I am going to McGIll, In fact, I am already a student of McGill university.

McGill located in Montreal, another metropolitan city, 5 hours away from Toronto.

Email me if you want to talk to me personally or anything, i really hate Blogger comment system lol


And if you are wondering, yes, I am a JPA scholar. Like you but one year earlier.

everjihad berkata...

oh really?

ok. thanx