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Great Serdang Debate Championship 2008

Last Friday, I've been to Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) for GSD, following my sister. Somehow, I don’t really take it seriously that she really meant I’ll be a judge as one team should bring a judge with them. So, I just follow her, instead of being a ‘judge’ coz I know I won’t be. I’ll be just like last time, not included in panelist but as trainee. If that so, it’s ok with me. Well, I’m totally wrong. I am really judging! I was realized that I’ve been the real adjudicator when the 2nd round debates move on. I just realize that I am really judging! Oh man! How could I? I wish nobody knows my age and where I really come from although I am representative of IIUM team. It started to be burst; when a few people asking me, what course did I take? Oh, that’s I really a top secret.

Competently, the debates have done pretty well and I’ve adjudicate for 5 rounds. My marks are considered! That’s the thing that I’m quite surprised as I thought they should just treat me as trainee. But somehow, I am really judging as I can comment over the debates. Well, it is really a nice experience. It’s hard for me to believe this! I am judging over university students! Wow! Isn’t it pretty too much? I didn’t wish they know my real age. I hope I can hide my age behind the ‘matured-look’. Well, somehow, I did open the ‘top secret’ to few debaters that I’ve judged as it is already completely over.

I’ve judge over Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP), Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM), UiTM Perlis, Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM). I just can’t believe this. It’s really great to have the experience and some more; they all are very nice people. I wonder how I can be the judge as the lack of experience, and some more, don’t I look more to high school student face? They never ask me, whether I’ve got experience before in adjudicating. Don’t a judge should the one that is more than the debater? Hmm, by the way, it’s ok then. It’s a bonus to me and this is really a sudden coincidence. I don’t think it will have 2nd time.

What I’ve been go through all 3 days and 2 nights is really a memorable experience. There were good things and little bits of not good things. Ok, let me story from the very beginning.

On my birthday, 22nd May which is on Thursday I think, my sister gave me a call. She asked me whether I want to be judge and follow her to the debates tournament. I just said yes, as I love to be involved but not really as a judge. I just love to learn. Then, she came back home from IIU, and we moved to the UPM early in the morning. On the next morning, before going to the UPM, she had to take her teammates in IIUM. Her teammates were foreigner student which are Nafha and Markanko. Then we leave IIU and move to Serdang. Unfortunately, we have caught in the heavy traffic jam. The debates will start around 9. Somehow, they has really nice usher as with hopeless direction towards the campus, the usher gave a call to tell us the location. Thanks Allah, we finally can make it to reach there before 9.

How come I become the adjudicator??

I’ve asked my sister, did they know I’m still a trainee? How could I be a real judge coz later on I’m not really know how to give comments like the judge used to? She said, nothing to worry. Of course they knew. Oh, ok then. Just assume they knew. Then, the motion is released. I’m started to feel nervous. I’m anxious I will be judge alone. Before the round started while the prep time, I’ve asked the MC, Iqbal Hafiz; will there be one team one judge? I’m still a trainee. He said to me, but u still a judge! ( he’s not mad from the expression but somehow, the intonation if just high) Ok then. Just wait and see.

I’m glad, for the first round; I’ll adjudicate with a sister from IIU too. It’s easy to talk to as we are from the same intuition. Well, her name is Alaman. She really good in give comment. The motion is; “This house believe that(THBT) Prisoner Should Be Allowed To Vote”. The team were UPM VS UiTM Perlis 1. They’ve done pretty well and the margin is so close and only have slightly difference between them. At the affirmative side, their stand is more to human right; uphold the principle of democracy and some more while in the Perlis’s team, they have more concrete argument and one of the point is the prisoner is not responsible enough to give the right to vote. Well, both of them have a good argument but somehow the negative side did better. After the debates, one of the debater asked me, how could she improved her speech? I don’t know what to say, but I just belasah je and say. “ Maybe you can improve by the structure of you speech, the ideas and sort of that..” She just nodded and thanked me.huhu. che waahh..cik qurratul..pandai plak bg komen.
For the next 2nd round, this could be really great. It was just after the round ended up, i've been realize. Wow, i can really give comment over the debates and really judge those peoples. The 2nd round match up was UMP VS UiTM Perlis 2. Motion : THW Legalize the Abortion.
They've clashed just few ideas but the ideas not so strong from the affirmative side yet also from the negative side. What i've comment was over the points that they've brought up. I've said to them something like this..
"For this motion, you should really emphasizes at the word
of LEGALIZE instead of the ABORTION. Its doesnt really matter with the
pain or goodness and all of that stuff but just try to think at the very
first place, what will happen if we really LEGALIZE the abortion? At the very
first place, the teenagers or school student can easily did sex together. n if
unfortunately the gurl get pregnant, then they can just run away and abort as it
had legalize. What will happen to future generation then? Can't you imagine
that..? This should be come from the negative side. But sadly, they dont do
it. If not, they can win the case. By the way, at the affirmative side, maybe
you can came up with we will LEGALIZE the abortion, but then on few restriction.
It's not simply anyone can abort as they have been legalized before. So, by the
restriction you put, you can play safe as they will combat you more. You are the
affirmative or government, you are the one that conduct the debates from the
very first beginning.
In the very first place, after the match, when it comes to the judges to give comment, and Ash the chair of the house have gave the chances to give some comments, i felt really want to add up something as they are under average. Less than should be expected. It should be come with more facts and some more, more concrete points. That was the very first moment i've feel emotional very sudden when it comes to comment. Then i realize, wow i've 'bedal' them unconsciously. After the match finish, and we've gave the affirmative to win, the UMP's team met me and asked what else can be the points to strengthen their cases. Well, i just belasah and said, think about the society and future generation. What the cause effect. Some more, add some mechanism like restriction of legalize the abortion. It is not simply anyone can abort their baby, but it is under few restriction if it really will be legalized.
Well, here are some of the motion and theme that i've jotted down.
Round 1
Adjudicators : Alaman, Ain
UPM VS UiTM Perlis 1
Theme : Prisons and Criminal
1. THBT Prisoner should be allowed to vote.
Winner : Negative - UiTM Perlis 1
Other motions( that they not choose)
2. THW Privatise Prisons
3. THW Remove the possibility of parole for sex offenders
Round 2
UMP 3 VS UiTM Perlis 2
Adjucators : Ash, Sanad, Ain
Theme: (i cant remember)
1. THW Legalize Abortion
Winner : Affirmative - UMP 3
Other motions i dont jotted down.
2. THBT Pre-nuptial agreement before marriage is required
Round 3
UiTM Perlis 1 VS UUM
Theme: Economics
Adjudicators : Sendatt, Rahmah, Ain
1. THBT THe Developing world should prioratize food security over bio-fuel production.
Winner : Negative - UUM.
Round 4
UiTM 4 VS UiTM PErlis 1
Adjudicators : Aravinthan. Lok Sinn Ying. Ain
Theme : Underage
1. THBT parental consent should not be required for teenagers seeking abortion.
Winner : Affirmative - UiTM 4
Other motion
2.THBT Pregnant student should be allowed to take maternity leave
3. THBT The right to vote should start at 16.
Round 5
Adjudicators : Yaacob, Fadzilah, Ain
Theme : Feeling Suicidal
1.THBT Parents of children who committed suicede should be subjected a negligencee inquiry
Winner : Affirmative - UiTM 4
Other motions
2. THW Descriminalize suicede
3. THW Ban Websited that facilitate suicede
Adjudicators: Omar, Sherry, Aravinthan ( i' m no longer be the judge as i'm represent IIU)
Theme : Democracy
1. That state owned media should not exist
Winner : Negative - IIUM 2
Other motions
2. That citizen initiated referendums should be allowed on democracies
3. That opinion polls distorts the democratic process.
Round 7 ~ SEMI FINAL
Theme : Dont know ( at the time it released, we are not in hall. but borak2 with shabir)
1. THW Nursery education should be free and compulsory to all children.
Winner : Negative - IIUM 2
Round 8 ~ FINALE
UiTM 2 VS UiTM 2
Theme: not sure
1. THBT Doctors should compelled to report the domestic violent.
Winner : Affirmative - UiTM 2
Well, overall, it is really competive towards the end. By the way what i've felt was, I desparately need to improve my english. Why? Because, actually i just cant really understand what are they talking about. Somehow, i really need to warm up in current world issues, if not i'm just like a dumb when comes to the debates like economics, democracy, liberal and sort of.
Although Shahbir said to me is pretty well, and he asked me, why my english very well?"compared to other Malaysian, you are just not like normal Malaysian..did you speak in english at home?" it really like that? By the way, i told him, that i'm not really speaking at home. Come on la, the environment is not like that. I prefer to use my own mother touge rather than english. But somehow, i admit it is a must and should be improved. Hmm, i'm not really watch tv if you said it's the way to learn english from the movies. I'm also not really a bookworm or fanatic toward the english novel. It's hard to find me finsih english book at all! Seriously. But then, how my english could be good? ( for me not so good la actually, but in the same time not so bad). To say the upbringing? Not so. I use Malay as the main language daily. BUt maybe one of the factor is, although i dont really talk so much in english, but then i've been exposed to. As my syllabus science and maths in english therefore, i think it quite help. As, the teacher usually need to use English in the class as the medium. Therefore, maybe i'm fast learner. That's what i think. Should be grateful then. Alhamdulillah. Praise all to Him. As people cant see the 'dark' site of me.
Well, what i think bout debate at the very first time is, what's the function? You just good in talking and arguing, but then in reality the problem was still there and not solved. Isn't debate just wasitng of time? What's the meaning of debating on all those stuff? But then, when it comes to finale, and one of the VVIP delievered his speech, then I realize something in what he said.
Debate is a platform for you to join and grasp the knowledge, Built the self-confidence and learn the communication skill. No one is born with those skill. Skill should be learnt and not just gifted. To learn
it is by practice and debate is really a good platform to show you
So, i think debate is not so bad. A few things are good actually and went i came back to home, i feel like asking myself. Will i be a good debater? If i want to really get involved, meaning i have to start READ and ALERT from now on. Because of what, when i'm judging the university student I felt quite sad( it is behalf n on the judge's view. becoz i'm the judge. That's what i saw. but if i'm the debater i think maybe i'll be just like them.)
not finish blogging.. to be continued~

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Ahmad Saifuddin Amran berkata...

uih budak kecit ni jadi debate judge la...saya terkesima

everjihad berkata... lebih terkesima berbanding org at last, percaya atau tak mmg itula dia. sy mula2 mcm xpercaya. biar betik seh..terasa macam keawang2an lagi masa judge 1st round.

dlm hati, " biar betul aku judge budak U nih??!! "

tp, bila dah sampai 2nd round n dah bantai bg komen, baru terasa " bleh tahan gak. tak sangke lak ak ada 'bakat' jd judge"

dh smp round ke -3 n ke atas, dh biasa dah. mcm2 gaya ade. ade siap naik boring dah. masa tu, ya Allah..ngantuk glerr. rasanye mata ada terpejam sekali. tp kaver2.. wat mcm pk nk bg markah n evaluate..hua3..

Bashir IbnDzul berkata...

hebat2.. jadi judge debate..

everjihad berkata...

hmm..xde r hebat mane. ~_~

Awanama berkata...

hohoho..ok la tu..
u got new n useful experience rite?
x-convenor gsd08