Jumaat, April 6

~ satisfaction ~

Someone says,
"Hey, if no one thinks you should get an A on that test, then it's no big deal if you don't."

"A" is just a figure
"A" might not be everything.
"A" might not define us of who we really are

But to reach certain kind of expectations will brings us to self-satisfaction. It is satisfaction, as we work hard in making an achievement.

Expectations => Achievement => Satisfaction

ends up, if we reflect the reality is,

- have we reach our Creator's expectation?
- do we really CARE what our creator's expectation on us?
- how far have we achieved any 'achievement' in our relationship with Him?

Dunya (the world) and the Akhirat (The hereafter), can get along together. As long as we purify our heart, with a pure intention, do it with ihsan (excellent). We know what we are doing and heading to, and why we doing it. Once we UNDERSTAND the real purpose of life, everything that we do will be related on how to please our Creator, and everything will make more sense to us on why we doing something.

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