Rabu, Mac 28

vibrational reality

law of attraction.
vibrational reality manifest ..
care about present, not past and not also future.
present is future.
"our best work is to sue your resistance"
the problem in negative on how you performing, passionate, love, desire,
that are reasons that you feel so bad.
you have expectations too high on yourself.
it is your own, it is not theirs.
you are upset because you are not who you are
my perceptions and their perceptions ..
your perceptions might not relevant to your own perception
what really make you expand?
your success is off-base.

the best part of vortex is going in, which makes trouble makers important in exhilarating life
i completely looking forward to ignore your opinion for me to develop myself.
~ since thinking too much of other people's opinion make me stuck and not progressive~
going back in. if you don't come out you will miss the best part.

side note: 
it is pretty slightly different situation when others are not judging you but you  feels like people are judging. That feeling of anxiety are something that truly need help to be fixed. You may feel 'fine' and secure if your Lord is the judge. Since God's judgement will always be fair, but you can't guarantee people's judgment and perception. and being someone who has fear of 'perception' really something ain't cool. Which something that I hate to being back in that state of 'unfree'. But looking at the brighter side, 'stepping back' seems like a step in moving forward and having a better sense, and wisdom. Well, being "free" are just too abstract to think of and pretty subtle.. Nothing is free in this world. Only paradise we will be free.

p/s :you got to do what you got to do! It is never easy but there is price for every hardship and " it is not about how you start the race but it is how you end it." -

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