Ahad, Ogos 2

Your Choice is Yours

Sometimes we want it but we can't have it
Sometimes we can have it but we just don't want it at the moment
Sometimes life is so much 'complicating'

between we 'WANT' it, 'DO' it and 'HAVE' it..

Have ..

it is not easy as it is.

Life will never satisfy until we feel satisfy with life.
Life will never enough for us until we feel enough with the life we live in.

I pray that Allah give me the best for my life. As I want to try my best to please Him.

No matter what, the choice you make won't hold me back.

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Syafiq Azhari berkata...

May Allah give u the best..gud luck

Awanama berkata...

He says YES and GIVES you what you WANT,
He says NO and GIVES you something BETTER,
He says WAIT and GIVES you the BEST in HIS OWN TIME.

everjihad berkata...

@syafiq azhari,

thanx. May the best will be mine. Ameen.

i knew i said it before.
i will wait till the time come.
I believe something better is waiting for me.

"the best thing come when we less expect for it."

- maybe it's true! - (for sometimes, perhaps?)

Awanama berkata...

I pray for something better for you.

teratai berkata...

salam dari bumi timur.

pray to Him.
Allah knows the best.
have faith dear

salam mujahadah