Rabu, Ogos 5

Should I know the reason?

Nothing should be shame in doing the right thing

I feel shame.
supposedly I shouldn't
maybe inside me still in the dark of moonlight

the white rose ..
that going to blossom in time

am I too brave?

I still keep the flower in my hand
and the flower shouldn't be touched

maybe I should keep the flower in the garden
till the wind come and spread the smell

stop playing with feeling
stop playing with the card

because the game is over
but even it is over,
I believe beside the word,
it is a comma not a fullstop

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i1 berkata...

wah... lawa layout bru nih...

Awanama berkata...

No one should be ashamed for doing what's right.

everjihad berkata...


all praise to Him. alhamdulillah.


doing what's right is one part.
it can be objective.

another part,
'to be ashamed of' is a feeling. and a feeling is subjective.

notice my 2nd line,
'supposedly i shouldn't'.

even I know, I shouldn't feel that way, but it just come in time and as I mentioned, it is subjective.

Awanama berkata...

I realized that, which is why I phrased my line as "No one SHOULD BE...", just to back you up on the fact that you shouldn't feel that way. But then again, emotions are not bound by should be. So, I completely understand your dilemma. Hang in there ^_^

everjihad berkata...

Thank you for back up the point.

Agree. Emotions are not bounded by should be.
I would say it comes naturally. Emotions cant be fixed. It is responding and can be manipulated.

Emotions can be out of track for some reasons and the environment around has influence on it.

Even supposedly we shouldn't feel that way, but as long it brings no harm and it doesn't stop you from doing the right thing, I guess just let it be.

Maybe after you did the right thing, you feel ashamed,but that doesn't really a matter. I would say, it just a kind of expression.

However, in case if that emotion stop you from doing the right thing, then it's really a matter.

Anyway, to hang in there, would be a torture. -as i said up there 'stop playng with feelings-
After all, just ignore it.(hopefully i can just ignore it)

Chill. or in other word, lepak sudeh..

Awanama berkata...

For what its worth :

>>Suhaib reported that Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) said: Strange are the ways of a believer for there is good in every affair of his and this is not the case with anyone else except in the case of a believer for if he has an occasion to feel delight, he thanks (God), thus there is a good for him in it, and if he gets into trouble and shows resignation (and endures it patiently), there is a good for him in it.<<

(Sahih Muslim, Bk 42, Number 7138)


p/s : I really like this hadeeth. Always make my day.

everjihad berkata...

That's the best thing being a muslim!

You can act so cool as you know Allah by your side.

But, to act so cool you need to know Allah.

You know that Allah the best knowing.
Allah the best planner
Allah that is the most powerful.
Allah can do anything He wants
Nothing is impossible for Allah to make it real.

Besides that, need to have trust on Him. Along the way, there's a faith come in.That's the importance to have faith in Him. Knowing everything about Allah is not enough.

Life can be much meaningful. Nothing much to worry as Allah has set everything. The only thing is whether we have done our part which is do the best as we can and as what we have.

Thank you for reminding. I appreciate it.

Syafiqah Najib berkata...

it takes time to know the reason.

everjihad berkata...

@future murabbi,

sometimes, it is not take sometime to know the reason..

sometims, it take sometime to have courage to know the reason

or it also can be it will take time for you to understand the reason.