Jumaat, Ogos 28

A list to do in a long journey

Kuala Lumpur (GMT + 8:00) => Dubai (GMT + 4:00) => London (GMT + 1:00) => Toronto (GMT -4:00)

Estimated time taken to each stop:

Kuala Lumpur => Dubai (approx. 6 hours)
Transit wait for approx 6.5 hours

Dubai => London (approx. 8 hours)
Transit wait for approx 1.5 hours

London => Toronto (approx 8 hours)

Total time for flight => approx. 30 hours!(fuhh! what a long journey!)

pasted from wen feii's blog

Anyway, it will be so long journey.

here i have a list to do on plane and while waiting to boarding and depart

well, it should be there no such thing of 'bored' in a life as a muslim or perfectly to say as a mukmin. what's difference between muslim and mukmin? Check out here. ciri-ciri mukmin. actually should be not much difference other than literally. beza dari segi bahasa je. but dari parktikalnya, a mukmin is always muslim.

so, i suggest to all my muslim friends, if you feel bored, keep on zikr. as it will ease your way. Reminder to myself too.


I have few list of book to read while in flight. I don't know whether I have much time to finish it.

Hopefully, I can make it.

1. Al-Quran (not expect to finish it though!. just maybe have some recitation so that the journye will be blessed by ALLAH and everything will be easy.

my plan. firstly recite it - tilaway- then go in dept to the meaning.

2.Fikah Luar Negara [ finish up reading it. n maybe should take not and make some summary]

3. I am gifted so are you! (hopefully kak yang willing to allow me to bring this book. I really want it to boost back my 'mode')

4. Study smarter not harder.
- yeah. this one to swith back the 'relax' mode to study mode! Get prepare university life!

5. How to give a damn good speech! (must read i believe)

6. Pengalaman adalah guru terbaik
-maybe i just read some and try to connect it with my own life experience. I wish my laptop can stand for two hours. huhu

7. Kebangkitan
-a gift by ABIM to me. abg ju said to me, 'bacalah buku ni. bleh bagi semangat bila baca pasal palestin..'

yup. aku perlukan SEMANGAT untuk melangkah lebih jauh dalam medan perjuangan. tanpa semangat, nadi ini berdenyut namun jasad kaku minda lemah tak BERGERAK)

anyway, sambungan utk list to do


my plan is to bring some lyrics of song and try to get in depts the meaning of the song. I have many songs in this laptop and going to transfer selected one to be heard while on plane.

mp3 that i would suggest
- surah2 lazim for sure
- ceramah2 that my friend and i had record it
- and also musics that sooth the soul like music that i love to hear is qasidah, selawat2, n one that cool listening. trying hard not to listen song with other genre as it will distract my iman

4. EAT


6. Playing games

- this is suggestion from Mr. Hanna my World History and Law teacher. He said the journey will be so long and boring. It is good if you have PSP and bring along.

I have no much games. but maybe i'll try download some like chess or scrabble to laptop and handphone.

7. Walking around

- i heard that you can walking around but it is not strongly recommended. maybe this will be the last option after every thing in the list not working to resist some boreness..

well, i believe that, if i manage to do all this, I am sure my journey will be meaningful. no time to feel bored! As we are a muslim, we have 'something to do' in this life as we are not living for nothing!

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Jilul Quran berkata...


I don't know wther u still here or already arrived by the time you approved this comment.

1st of all, mabruk. Alhamdulillah good to know you going abroad as a name of student.

New place,
New environment,
New experience and new notes of life.

For me in a short, i would like to advice you even myself to go deep understand the meaning of doa' iftitah the we use to read during solat as to purify our intention only for Allah in anything what we do..

In the of ukhuwwah that build from Aqidah

Im pray for your best

For Islam Now and Forever.