Sabtu, Februari 12

study for what?

when I was studying, some thoughts came to my mind..

studying for grade? or studying for Allah?
or studying for grade for Allah?

... studying for the sake of learning...

I hope I can make it

by time that I felt overwhelmed in getting good grades, doing well in everything, I try to have a little pause to reflect.

yes, grades really a matter for certain thing in future.
no doubt and it is undeniable.

however I just wonder if myself afraid not to have a good grade more than I afraid my intention in doing it is not sincere  and pure enough to please Him.

is study only for grade? if that's the case, only grade that I will get. what a waste!

really really in need to refresh my intention for each secs. I hope my intention not going astray and misleading.

do it with ihsaan.
try to do the best in every single deeds as Allah is watching.

I hope that I'm not studying only for grade even I'm really concern about it. (really?)

do it as Allah commanded it.

Iqra'! read!

that's the biggest problem I have for now. What I'm lacking from others is read. Knowledge is the extra value in oneself.

my father told me, imam syafi'e finish reading the book before he came to study with his teacher. isn't that enough to show an example how dedicated and committed he is in learning.

There so much things I need to catch up and so much things in me that need to be improved. One of them is reading habit.

Really really there so much responsibilities to be fulfilled!

duty and rights.

as a servant to God
as a khalifah
as a muslim
as a da'i
as a student

yet actually, all can be included in 1.

something that picked my interest..

the learning bill of rights

  • I have the right to take control of my own learning proces
  • I have the right to define success in my own terms
  • I have the right not to feel put down if I am slower than others
  • I have the right to need extra help
  • I have the right to say I don't understand.

the learning set of responsibilities

  • I have the responsibility to take control of my own learning process
  • I have the responsibility to think and act positively
  • I have the responsibility to develop personal strategies for learning, for taking tests, for developing an overview of subject material and for solving problems.
  • I have the responsibility to actively attend class.
  • I have the responsiblity to complete assignments
  • I have the responsibility to participate in classroom acitivities
  • I have the responsibility to help others when asked and needed.

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