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Explore to exploit (iPad review)

Testing my friends's iPad. I'm so excited more than her. She not really excited in getting iPad. She refused to take it at first from her brother. erk..interesting girl. (only if she know how much is iPad worth!)

My first few mins with iPad..

Surely try to get access to internet..after few attempts I manage to get access to it. Now in process of exploring this new gadget. This is my review for the first hour

  • Not used to touch screen. At first feel like less pleasure (rasa mcm kurang nikmat plak bila taip touch screen ni. Kali laptop Ada bunyik2 sket. 
  • Plus senang typo n sometimes find this gadget has it's own limit. Mcm xde button arrow. 
  • Kalo typing nak betulkan spelling ke Mcm susan sket.
  • Sometimes get annoyed maybe because of 'tak kecekapan'
  • Xde usb port so ssh r Kalo nak transfer file ke
  • Xde button control so rs mcm awckward..maybe that's why org beli keyboard
  • good for reading but not really for typing (at least for me)

Now get used to touch screen keyboard.not that bad. I guess in 5 years there will be more gadget touchscreen. So better get use to it now or later as technology is fast developed.
And to master it will be added value.

Have to be a fast learner for anything

Gotcha! Want to study for tomorrow class. HAVE READING NEED TO BE DONE (ops supposedly shudnt be caps..

Ok. This post is using iPad. There might be some typos here and there. The list might be longer in future.

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