Rabu, Januari 18

ujian sin- cyaa-riteee

So glory be to Him in whose Hand lies control over all things. It is to Him that you will all be brought back.     
- Yaasin 36:83

there will be a time where your SINCERITY is tested. would you expect something in return as how much that you have give in? you might forget, what you gave in is nothing as compared what has been given to you. 
O Allah, please purify my heart. Let this soul be in peace. Accept my deeds and don't let my heart go astray. Ameen.

And remember Our servants Ibrahim, Ishaq and Ya’qub, men of true strength and inner sight. We purified their sincerity through sincere remembrance of the Abode . The Holy Qur'an, Surah Sod, Chapter 38, Verses 45-46
~ sincerity comes when God is the only reason that you seek for ~
At one time in your life, you might feel someone stepped on you, and it is hard to stop feeling uneasy, or 'count' for every single things that you have done but try to ponder and reflect, sometimes in your life you might already stepped on HIM too much without you realize. And would He count for every single bad things you did? Yet, He still blessed you with so many other blessings! Therefore, when the time hits you hard to forgive and forget people's misdeed, just remember that Allah deserved more than you do.

Never expect people to return your favor on them. Disappointment is what you will get. But rather remember that Allah will never disappoint those who doing good deeds. He is (asshahid) witnessing and He is the Most trustworthy.

if you think you already done enough, or feeling doing good enough to her.. hey come on laa. you are nothing to be compared to the Prophet's generosity. The one with superb amazing example..

For any real number, if we divide by infinity, then we will get zero.For any responsibility we have, if we divide by infinity excuse, then we also get zero action and vice versa..
stop making excuses, just do it!

to Him, we will brought back.
to Him, we will return.
if He wills, it will be. 
if He wills, be it.

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