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there will be one moment in your life you feel you wanna do evil to other people.  Think about it again. Why  you did good at the very first place?

 الله ربي إغفرلي 
 الله ربي إغفرلي 
 الله ربي إغفرلي 

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Peach berkata...


I'm Malaysian.
I was so impressed when reading your story on niqab.
your situation is same as me.
i've been wearing the niqab for almost 1 year.
i started wearing the niqab without telling my parents. until when i was about to go back to my hometown (i'm staying in hostel), i told my mother at phone. she did speechless and have nothing to say about me.
until now, my mother seems does not like it very much.
she never disallow me wearing the niqab... but she really does not support me at all. alhamdulillah, my father can accept it and understand my situation.
but i think it doesn't really a matter to me, since she seldom supports me in anything i do.
so, i don't mind about that.
i always pray to Allah that He will open my mother's heart to accept it with open-hearted.
there are sometimes awkward moments with my mother, especially when outsiders come to my house. she doesn't like me to wear the niqab in my home. she keeps complaining that I'm such a 'quiet' girl and not-so-sociable. If I wear the niqab, I would make people keep a distance away from me and it would restrict my social life. But, she doesn't know my own thoughts, and yet I'm not intend to tell my views to her because I know she would never accept it. And, so I go against her heart. How could I take it off easily and wear it only when i am going outside. it would just create more fitnah and talks among people.
fyi, inshaALLAH i'll be going oversea to pursue my study in Australia. when my friend told me about yourself (appeared in citytv for an interview and wear the niqab overseas), I was so excited. maybe you can share with me more of your experience in overseas. I'm still thinking whether i would wear the niqab there or not. Maybe I'll consider the environment and the community there.

Let's just pray to the Almighty that our mothers would accept our stands and believe one day.