Khamis, Jun 23

a true lover

I love to quote and modify a bit from here,

there are things that we don't want to happen
but have to accept,
things we don't want to know
but have to learn
and people that we thought we can't live without
but have to let go

I know and you know
the pains need rain
to wash all the sins
that stained

The greatest lover
waiting for you
to hold back
and have faith in Him
there will be a special one
for you to lie on
not the wrong one
but the right and guided one

hold on
to His path
the journey still long
for you to keep along

with trust not lust,
we will make it through
through the end of the tunnel
lights and dreams come true

with love
be strong and true lover.

jadilah engkau bunga
bunga yang mekar di taman
tidak dicemari kumbang

demi tuhanmu, bersabarlah!

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Awanama berkata...

salam, menarik dan bermakna. :) can i copy this, bukan utk publish, just for my personal notes and for me to read. takpe ker? jzkk.

everjihad berkata...

sila2.. =)