Ahad, April 11

reach that goals!

Goals - The ability to succeed requires the realization of what one wants and the passionate deisre to attain it

"What you get by reaching your 
destination is not nearly as 
important as what you will become 
by reaching your destination." 

- Zig Ziglar

The key to achieving any goal is planning - deciding how much you can afford to spend each day. Goals are easier to achieve if they are written down. They motivate us, add purpose to what we do and give a great sense of accomplishment. 

well, well, well. At this moment, I do have much goals in my mind to be accomplished. One of the goal is financial budget!

Here some tips that I gained and would love to share it.

A financial plan provides an opportunity to evaluate progress and make sound decisions.
This means you must create your own personal budget to reflect what you can afford, your lifestyle, and you must separate your needs from your wants.

Budgeting Tips

Create a financial plan for the academic year. Budgeting for the school year
   Step 1: Review your expenses. Be accurate and realistic
   Step 2: Review your resources.
   Step 3: Explore all possible sources for funding.
   Step 4: Monitor your expenses. Do a weekly or monthly budget.
   Step 5: Keep an accurate file of all your expenses.
source : Budget tips

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Syafiqah Najib berkata...

semoga dapat jadi penyenang dan penyejuk hati,
sesejuk namamu =)

preparation should start since we were a litle a girl.
but no one tell me during that time.
hopefully its not to late to start now.