Selasa, Ogos 19

My NEW Notebook!

Now I’m more free to express whatever I feel and thought! Oh..Well, now, I’m blogging and ‘diaring’ using my new laptop! Pinky laptop! Hoho..
Just bought from PC Fair. 2nd August ago..which means 2 weeks ago.
How much ?
RM 1999.
Brand :Ftec
Not a famous branded. but for me it is enough as long it is easy to carry to anywhere and it works so that i can do my work. That's the main purpose why i buy laptop!
PINKY!! actually, mula2 ak da amek da wane itam. n mmg reject r nak amik pink. but at last, b4 nak bayar tu, tetiba abang tanye aku, "tak nak amik pink ke?" haizz..aku pun usha2 r balik..otak aku sibuk menganalisa segala reason nape ak patut amik PINK? WHY PINK?
pastu, dptla aku simpulkan n simbolikkan dgn beli warna pink ni, i want to be outstanding. the striking color bring to extraordinary. yeah..n some more, guy usually wont take pink. normally it will be gurl stuff therefore, pink is special! rather than black. unisex. i love things tht special and unique. by the way, pink itself has it's own charisma and characters. I believe in that!

2 ulasan:

Dyat berkata...

color dpt rangsang kelenjar pineal otak.

so jgn brainwave tu berfrekuensi alfa je.

everjihad berkata...

apakah itu kelenjar pineal? =o