Ahad, Ogos 31


sekarang ni, tinggal kami berlima. tadi baru je hantar mama abah kat klia. ni kat klia lagi. on the way nak balik. hmm. terlayan pulak desire yang satu tuh. tapi dah tak fikir dah lagi lps ni. InsyaAllah. i've expressed two intention to my parents. especially mama. i believe in Allah, He will is the best planner ever. I leave to him the rest.but i feel relieve i've express it. deep inside my heart, i hope that dream will be realise one day. perhaps. who knows right? that was my dream for now. i have another big dream in future of course but this one is the personal dream.
yeah..now, let's move on and make a step toward. yesterday i've went to mph after sent my cousin to wmaju station putra. i've read few motivation books. inspiring! now let's take a move!.say no to waste time.

Those dream my secret.

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