Sabtu, Oktober 15

57:16 bila lagi?

harini tadabbur ayat 57:16.

ayat yg mmg dush la. ditambah dgn hentakan2 dari askar. fuhh. membakar. belum lagi ke masanya utk serius dengan dnt? bagi sepenuh hati? khusyuk dalam solat? buat keje betul2..buang jahiliyyah sungguh-sungguh?
semalam ada sorang ukhti berkongsi rasa. i dunno why but I feel my iman lift up whenver i met her. when she just started to say someting, my heart already lift up. because I knew she will always relate everything she said with Allah and how the way she said, with strong feelings, strong iman that until i can feel deep inside my heart the way she wants me to feel how it feels. we discussed about so many things about life and it comes to the topic of death. she really hope that if she about to die, Allah will takes her life when she is okay in iman as a believer. she told her life story when the time she thought her life going to end during the flight turbulence, she only thought of 3 things.

- she wished to be nicer to her parents.
- doing more ibaadah
- not wasting times on youtube and other stuff

this topic blow my mind again.what if you going to leave this world, you are about to die, what will be in your mind?

yes, you not going to just ‘follow the flow’. 
yet, you gotta out of the cycle and leave something to this world.

tak mungkin batu yang kecik kalau dicampak pada dinding langsung tak bagi kesan.

sometimes, we are the one that not doing enough, struggle for His deen. 

~hazaddeen. ~

this deen has its own fitrah. manusia juga yang kena memperjuangkan even Allah yang memenangkan. yes, sometimes I felt to neglect. nak larii.. ahh. tapi no, Allah said, infiru! berangkatlah walau susah atau senang.

sometimes, the excuses are just within ourselves. nak buat ke tak nak? apa alasan? time? padahal ada je masa terselit2 jahiliyyah yang lain? If you truly believe in something, you won’t leave it no matter what it takes, kan? 

tapi mungkin because the belief itself a bit problematic, thats why nak buat macam terkial-kial. and hentakan-hentakan turns me back. ok. just face it. no matter if people going to turn their back. have you make the effort? dah usaha? atau usaha sekadar melepaskan batuk ditangga? usaha macam tak nak usaha. dalam hati macam tak rela? at the first place, the question WHY will come up. WHY?

kenapa nak buat? kenapa kena buat?

at the end of the day, kita juga yang akan dapat hasilnya not other people. buat bukan sebab yang lain. tapi sebab Dia. yes, Allah suruh. nak buat apa yang Allah suruh.

but in the same time, tak nak buat sebab terpaksa. dalam terpaksa, learn to luruskan and ikhlaskan niat. if not sia-sia je la semua usaha.

when I think and reflect, sebenarnya really, it goes back with our iman. yakin ada akhirat. yakin that, this thing need to be done, need to do. sebab tak nak jadi orang yang rugi. tak nak baik, beriman sorang-sorang. kena and nak ajak orang lain sama-sama dapat jugak peringatan-peringatan tentang Allah. and yes kena spread out. cannot keep it alone. cannnootttt

when I did this, okay. kena kuatkan rasa NAK. camne? kena cari reason demi reason, WHY?
and only with strong believe, iman that akhirat tu tempat tinggal abadi, tak buat maka assignment khalifah and ibadah tergantung-gantung tak selesai. at least, the little steps counted by Him.

kadang-kadang rasa comfortable je. baikkan diri sorang2. tapi itulah penyakit yang if tak tarik orang sekeliling sekali bersama-sama later on it may affect us one day.

yesterday, she really made my day. alhamdulillah. I wish can live with her and spend most of my time with her. The feelings are just different. To be with people that has strong iman, really uplifting!
Do what you can do just try your best.   
do your best, Allah will do the rest. .  
'ala kulli haal. He knows my weakness. Yet He still tried me. So, put trust in Him.
‎"No amount of guilt can change the past and no amount of worrying can change the future. Go easy on yourself for the outcome of all affairs is determined by Allah's Decree. If something is meant to go elsewhere, it will never come on your way, but if it is yours by destiny, from you it cannot flee.''
(Umar ibn al-Khattab r.a)

wallahu’alam. may Allah guide me and and make me strong.

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