Khamis, April 16

IELTS result also is a 'test'


I’ve got my IELTS result! - re-sit one…

Well, my result really meriah!! Just like my past SPM result...huhu...

I still remember. How bad and ‘good’ my SPM result is. Have ABC...

Well the same thing for IELTS. Variety bands! How interesting. I was like “wow...resultku that so so meriah...”

I am relieved yet not so happy. When I saw one of the components not reach the expectation. I don’t really feel good about it. But one of my friends that saw my result said, “Hmm...result ni sedap mata memandang..sedap untuk ditengok”..

To me, yeah..maybe..but one of it a bit disappointed.

Well, what did I expect from myself for writing huh?

Qurratul, you know how you are. You really know how you are that not really READ (my biggest problem), how you expect to write better? Well, that’s my flaw and it is really undeniable that writing is really my weakness. In order to convey the ideas to the reader, my writing quite terrible In addition with very limited knowledge(to gain idea), then lack of exposure. . Oh Yeah. .fair enough. You deserve it. You cannot compare with other.

Anyway, Alhamdulillah. Thanks to Allah for everything. This time I really berserah. (Dunno what in English. someone help me!)

A bit encourage after I consult with Mr. Ben about my result.

Good to hear, he said it is good news! (Even I’m not so sure whether it’s good news though, to have 5.5 in writing)

I don’t feel good about it but he said, “You can show your previous result that can show your ability. You did quite will in the past. That enough to prove your ability as you retake the test again. ”

Yeah. I never think of it. Maybe I should send both my IELTS result.

Well, well, well, this is just a TEST. That really tests me. So here it is. Why should I bother about the result? After all, it just signifies what I did. It tells me my weakness and so on so that I keep work for it. Isn’t that a good thing? (Trying to be positive). And some more, this is a ‘gift’ from Allah.

This result also a ‘test’ from Him. Whether I’ll be a grateful person or not.

Here, I feel glad for everything. Glad that Allah gives me such a test that shows He loves me. He wants me to be better. He wants me to get better! That’s all what it is!

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