Selasa, September 22

I'm waiting

i'm waiting ...

i'm waiting for that
i'm waiting for the right time
i'm waiting for a precious moment ever

will that only be imagination?

i'm not goin' to stop waiting
and still i'm hoping for it
i hope i could stop that wild imagination
that comes to my mind
either day or night

i'm walking along the street
and looks up into the sky
the day is getting dark
the wind is blowing
touching my cheeks softly

please get off from me
i'm waiting you ..
get off from my hands, nose, tounge and MIND
i'm waiting you to get rid from my life
so that i can have a better days
and my days not off because of you

p/s: i'm waiting for getting better from flu and cough.

2 ulasan:

ahsani taqwiim berkata...

waiting and go for it dear..
sometimes in life, just keeps on waiting doesnt make any improvement.
it gives u nothing..

but instead, go fo it...
be brave..
face ur life as what u r before,
u r my strong girl..

u u said to me before,
which i will never forget for whole of my life..

u always aims high,
aims to be the best...

keeps ur aim close to your heart n mind.
think bace for the past.

ALLAH has given so many things to you..
dont be arrogant..
but be humble as what u r...

a humble servant of ALLAH.

i noe you can do it.
coz u r my qurratul ain :)


from kiwi sis,


Daffodil berkata...

flu and cough?
are u sure?
or u r waiting for another thing?
wild imagination?
how does it relates?

eng 4U


i have another interpretation for this post dear.

moga terus tabah
moga Allah pandu hatimu