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Which one is priority?

between dakwah and study, which one is priority?

study for dakwah?
or study for getting good job?
have big salary?

if that so,therefore when you study, you study for test. and if you fail the test, you will get frust.

What is the main goal and objective you study? What is the main thing in your life?

As for me, main thing is my life of course to get Mardhatillah in everything I do, which means blessing from Allah, my Lord.

I told myself, the only reason I want to go Canada, is I want to see Islam there. Not because i want to further my study, it's not the main thing. Seriously I feel quite 'shy' to say " hey..I'm studying in Canada...".. I don't know why I will feel 'segan' if let say face with certain people.., terasa segan belajar negara orang barat?

Hmm..this Earth belong to Allah. SHould not feel that.

If i'm not going there for study, then for what?

Oh yeah? Thats kinda interesting story. I want to be there the only main reason, I want to spread the message of Islam more to to people in that place, that say we are terrorist and so on. Yeah. I know its not easy though but that's my mission. I want to change the perception of those people and shift the paradigm.

So, I've think this way. If I want to be there, I need to STUDY. get GOOD GRADE. Great grade is a ticket to be there. If I fail, i'll miss the ticket . THe only opportunity to spread the message of Islam, there. At least, if I cant say it, I will do it and express it in myself, I believe. People will not see what we just say it, but people we see what we are doing. Then, people could start thinking. However, to be there in not the ONLY THING that must be in my life. I try my best to getting there, but if its not what I hope, its doesnt matter. I know, there is hikmah beyond it. 

So, in between dakwah and study, both are my top priority. But if you ask me which is more important? I will say dakwah. Why? Because, I could say that dakwah cover every aspect of my life. Everything I do, I know it is dakwah. How the way I conduct my life is a dakwah, an implicit message to the poeple. It is not, when you doing dakwah, you should be at the bottom one, supposedly you should be at the top.( i'm struggle for that) Another thing is, it is not, when you study, you leave dakwah as you think, its not the time yet for you to do dakwah.

What is dakwah basically? Simple mean, promote goods, asking or invite people to Islam. To do that, I need more the foundation of iman and Islam that should be strengthen.

Today, my dear friend called me from Jordan, a good advice I got. Put trust in Allah, no matter how you think in reality it is not so posible to get it.

I agree with that.

I shall have faith and believe in Him more than before. Everything I did, because of Him. The sake of Him, therefore I shouldnt give up, or get down because I have Him. No matter what will happen in future, I accept that I know He the one that let it be. Therefore, that's the best decision of Him. He knows the best. THus, I should not get upset with bad mark or even If I dont achieve as expected. I know what I've done so far. Nothing should be regret then. BUt for now, the battle is in me myself, that I should struggle, and keep pushing my limit the best as I can. After all, do the best, ALL OUT, and put the rest on Him. Tawakkaltu 'ila Allah 'ala kulli hal.

Somehow, I should not forget, He is fair. He will give me when I make effort for it. Will Allah reward Jannah to those that not believe in Him? Not even one to sacrifice for Him? I don't think so. Unless His Rahmah. That one is unexpceted. And that particular things is not our business.

I shall stop here.
I am study for dakwah!
A mission should be accomplished.

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Jolynn berkata...

I agree with you. We study because of dakwah. Without knowledge, we can't dakwah to anyone. We would look like fools if we were to berdakwah without knowledge. That's why the first revelation that was revealed to Rasulullah SAW is related to reading and gaining knowledge (Surah Al-Alaq).

My dear ukhti, my doa is with you and I hope that you will be able to further your studies in Canada. I believe you can make a difference and touch other people's lives there.

May you always be under His keredhaan.

Amiin... =)

Awanama berkata...

assalamualaikum, great post!

history have shown that non-muslims are interested in Islam not because of what we say, but because of what we DO. so lets do our best to change ourselves for the better and let akhlak islamiyah shines from within our hearts to our actions.

insya-Allah u will make it ya ukhti.