Khamis, Oktober 15

as the due date approaching ..

as my baby’s due date approaching, some do asked me how is everything? how do I feel?

I’m not sure exactly how I really feel ..

at one point,
I’m pretty much care-LESS and enjoying the moments I have without overthinking or worrying whats gonna be tomorrow or the next day. like living at the moment. but as I chatted with some of my friends who had delivered their first baby, most of all talk about ‘preparation’. 
and so that’s kinda pushed me to at least ‘try’ to do and make preparation for the little ones arrival. i’m honestly just so care-less and laid back all this while. wasn’t that anxious nor that I am so so looking forward to raise this kid of my own. which sometimes I wonder, why is that? there still the ‘childish’ me struggling to accept how grown up I am now and I have to accept all this reality and life changes at once. accepting that I had lose me own self-freedom from the day he said, ‘I do’ aka “I accept.” / aku terima nikahnya.

yes. Freedom in deciding whatever ways you like to live your life. Of course even when we are single-mingle we have no total freedom as we have some rules in our belief system to be adhered to but yet, when the knot of relationship called MARRIAGE is tied, that is totally another story which cut down most of your freedoms and privilege that you used to have. 
and so, as for this little guy inside me which expected due next week, October 22nd, my feeling just isn’t really that charming and lovey dovey. from the first day we tested out the pregnancy test kit, he was overjoyed to the moon to know it is positive while at the same time the expression I have is =(. Totally opposite different facial expression which I managed to captured on Facetime. 
cut the longstory short, this video kinda melt my heart ..
at the time, when I started to feel how the baby is gonna be a great burdden, besides a sunshine and joy, where I felt I have no choice other than to accept the responsibility that given to me, the feeling of no power to choose made me strangely reluctant to accept this as a gift instead of thinking what a burden. 
Indeed, this sick mind need to be cureD and fixed and the sick heart need to be healed.
The ME time is almost over. Welcome to the new adventure ..


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