Jumaat, Mei 17



Today is my second psychology class of my 4th year undergraduate in Canada.

One of the lessons talked about depression.
People are usually depressed when they are lonely.
When they experienced social withdraw, live in their 'cave' and disengaged with real people.

sometimes you can't deny
you might feel lonely and alone
when you don't really have someone to talk to
but even if you do, you don't feel to talk to them.
or they are just someone you can't talk with.
or maybe you can't find someone
that you can share something deep and personal
or maybe they are just someone you find hard to accept
and you are stuck

something that come from your heart
heart can be hurt
once, twice, and losing counts

sometimes it hurts
because for your own stupidity
because of your own choice
and your rusty jahiliyyah

what you are now
are the consequence of the past
and what you are in future
depends on what you are now

the past can be forgiven
but its hard to forget

how I wish
I can buried all the bad memories
that makes me feel so stupid
since they were ignorance


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