Isnin, Januari 17

the blames

It is the easiest thing to blame others when we suffer.
It is easy to blame people than to blame ourselves.
When we all just refuse to take the blame, so we point our fingers at something or someone else..
Iit is easy to point out 1001 somebody's faults than to admit your own weakness and faults.
It is easy to complain rather than to REFLECT.

You think that you suffer the most
But please think that there are people that suffer more than you

Do count the blessings not the suffering that you have.

You think that you sacrifice A LOT
But think that there are people sacrifice more than you do

You think you sacrifice for other people
But think that there are other people sacrifice for you

You never know.
It is only if you think of other people MORE than yourself. 

Blaming and complaining attitude will bring you nowhere.
Be proactive not reactive.
Find solution not be in delusion.
Count your blessings and stop complaining.

just a piece note from my heart,
may Allah always gives me peace, patience and gratefulness in my heart.
may Allah protects me from being in the category of those annoying people. 
may Allah guides the people who can't stop complaining and blaming others, start to reflecting themselves.


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